Advice needed re: email on broadband

  andy625 09:30 02 Feb 2005

I have a general question reagarding email on Broadband. I am about to change to broadband from my current dialups: NTL & Virgin. I currently use virgin for mail even if I'm dialed up on NTL. We have a couple of email addresses that my wife uses for her business ([email protected]) that are routed through to her virgin email account. If we switch to broadband am I right in thinking that there's no reason why the business email routed through to the virgin email arrangement shouldn't continue to work? I appreciate that we'll have to change the outgoing mail server in outlook, but appart from that . surely it will continue to work unless the virgin account is closed?

The reason I ask is that a couple of companies have tried to get us to pay for a business package in order that we can have our business email routed through to the email accounts provided by the broadband provider. I can't see the point of doing this when our virgin account setup should still work.

If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful.


  octal 13:11 02 Feb 2005


I'm trying to get to grips with what you are explaining. You should be able to sign in to the service provider who is hosting her web site and change the redirection on to whichever service provider you wish.

I suspect that if you close your Virgin account you'll loose your email account, like you do in NTL.

Is there a reason why her emails are not using the pop3 like and outgoing and using OE? If the reason is for web mail access from anywhere, then it might be worth considering one of the free web services like Lycos or Yahoo to redirect to, you haven't mentioned the ISP you thinking of for BB, if its NTL they do have web mail access like most of them have.

Just one last question, have you checked if the service provider who hosts her web address allow web access to emails? Most do.

I'm not sue if I'm reading this correctly, so please explain if I'm not.


  FelixTCat 13:42 02 Feb 2005


It sounds as though your wife's emails are being automatically forwarded to the Virgin account. When you are given your broadband email address, you can change the automatic forwarding to point at your new address.

Once you leave Virgin, you will lose that email address and you will have to tell everybody to use your new address.

Two suggestions:
1. contact Virgin and ask if you can change to a pay-by-use account (ie no monthly subscription) and keep the same email address
2. open a free account at click here and use this account as your reply-to address. Set it up to forward email to any address you like - if you change ISP, you simply change the forwarding address and you do not have to tell anybody your new real email address.

  andy625 15:00 02 Feb 2005

We were planning on keeping the virgin account going as I sometimes use the dialup via a pda (it is a pay-as you-go-account). As the account will still be active I couldn't see any reason why we couldn't leave the mail setup as it is. Just access the web using the new broadband connection instead of a dialup. We aren't particularly bothered about web mail.

We purchased the domain name we're using, and had the website created by a local company who also host it for us. It was their idea to set up the mail as it is now. ie we send from virgin, putting the [email protected] in the "reply to" setting, then the host company redirect the incoming mail at their end, back to the virgin account. I don't know why it was done that way as I've never had a domain name before. I don't know how to go about setting it up so that it would be outgoing:, and incoming:, unless it is as simple as putting those details onto our outlook instead of the virgin equivalent?


  FelixTCat 15:35 02 Feb 2005

If you are going to keep the Virgin account, then you don't have to do anything. ISPs will only allow you to send outgoing mail if you are logged into them, so your outgoing email will be from your broadband ISP. You can pick up incoming email from any pop server. I have a domain name and it simply forwards email to wherever I want.

There is no ned to change anything. You can either put your domain or Virgin as the reply-to address.

I am sure that a few companies would like you to buy a redirecting service from them - somebody has to pay for their holidays in the Bahamas!

  andy625 16:08 02 Feb 2005

Thanks, thats what I thought we should be able to do. From what the company was saying, I thought that connecting on broadband somehow made a difference. Not having used broadband at home before, I wasn't sure.

One company (not mentioning any names but very large - two letter name, beginning with "B") tried to convince us that we needed a business broadband account - £50/mth!!

Thanks for your help.

  octal 17:42 02 Feb 2005

I can send out going emails via my domain name which is hosted by Lycos when logged into NTL, no problem.

  andy625 09:31 03 Feb 2005

Hi Octal, so to send outgoing email via your domain, do you mean you put "" in the outgoing server field in outlook?

  octal 12:45 03 Feb 2005

No, the other way around, to receive its:

To send its:

You'll have to check with the ISP you intend using to make sure you can send via instead of the ISP's one as FelixTCat pointed out some ISP's won't allow it, but NTL does.

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