Advice needed on monitor

  Infamous 15:26 14 Jul 2003

Dear people

Im just confused on wot monitor to buy for my sisters machine. I have recently built it. Its a decent specification for wot purpose she uses it for. But the only problem is i want to upgrade the monitor as its only a 15 inch from a old previouse machine.

Wots the best monitor to get at a reasonable price. I hardly use the machine only when im at home and not at university because i have a lovely sony 21 inch there lol. Just felt sorry for her thinkin of buying her a new 1. Just unsure which 1.

Thanks for any advice

  Jester2K II 15:29 14 Jul 2003
  Infamous 15:33 14 Jul 2003

Thanks for the response. is there any more cheaper priced 1's she dosent really need 1 that high specifiaction. talkin in the price range or £100-170 i cant afford anything higher as being a poor student. She just uses Word and uses the internet.


  Jester2K II 15:36 14 Jul 2003

Personally i stick to Iiyama monitors - very good product and excellent after sales.

  clayton 15:48 14 Jul 2003

How about this one click here or any of these just pick a well known brand & make sure it comes with a 3 year on site warranty. click here

  wee eddie 21:08 14 Jul 2003

Why not try the College Notice Board.

Students are always selling things.

I'm sure that if it were a nice one, the fact that it was not new would not bother her one iota.

  DieSse 21:57 14 Jul 2003

If you want a recommendation, I supply mainly Relisys (budget) monitors, and use their flat screen 17" CRT monitor myself. I've been very pleased with the quality of picture, and reliability, especially given the prices.

  DieSse 22:01 14 Jul 2003

click here

The one I use they have here at £97.80 inc VAT

click here=

  graham√ 22:16 14 Jul 2003

For the benefit of us readers, wot subject are you studying?

  Infamous 22:18 14 Jul 2003

Thanks for the advice guys. I will have a look in to it. I study computer sciensce. The monitor is for my sister shes studying law.

  woodchip 22:25 14 Jul 2003

What about this one, click here or this click here

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