Advice needed on Freeview HD box please!

  hiwatt 15:28 14 Jul 2010

Hi folks,I'm wanting to buy my partner an HD freeview box.My pal bought a freeview box which has an 160 gig hardrive enabling him to record and store his programs on the box.He can record 3 different channels at once but it isn't HD.As my partner has an HD ready TV and loves her television I would like to get her one of the HD freeview boxes.She would like the Sky+ box but it's just too much for now to have another monthly bill.So does anyone here have one and could recommend a good/reasonable priced one?Any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

  Press Man 15:43 14 Jul 2010


Have a look at this click here I got this unit plus installation of the dish just before the World Cup started. Happy with it all.

  hiwatt 16:00 14 Jul 2010

That looks excellent.However I'm looking for something less expensive unfortunately.I've heard they can be bought for around £100?and was just curious to see if anyone on here had one or was looking at getting one?My mates is great,his was only £89 only it's not HD.Cheers.

  Simsy 16:21 14 Jul 2010

That there is anything else out there at the moment, apart fromthe Humax box Press Man has linked to...

There are HD freeview boxes, and HDD recorders, but I don't think you'll get both in one box for £100...

I'm happy to be corrected though!



  Eric10 16:40 14 Jul 2010

I don't have one myself so can't give you direct advice on best buys but I can confirm that Freeview HD boxes can be had for around £100 at the cheaper end of the market. However, your post gives the impression that you want the ability to record HD and the £100 ones do not have a hard drive. Freeview Recorders with a hard drive are still thin on the ground and £300 or more will be nearer the price for one at this time.
Also, the one in Press Man's link is a FreeSat HD recorder needing a satelite dish while you say you are looking for FreeView HD which is not the same thing.

  hiwatt 18:23 14 Jul 2010

You are spot on.I've found quite a few quite a bit cheaper than £100 but they don't have the record function.I'll definitely need to pay a bit more to get one that records HD too.Thanks folks.

  eedcam 18:42 14 Jul 2010

Have alook at this forum its dedicated to PVR's
click here

  woodchip 18:59 14 Jul 2010

Had a Daywoo for some time HD 160Gig Drive Dual Tuner so can record two at once Cost about £145

  Ian in Northampton 19:52 14 Jul 2010

Just one thing, and I'm sure you've thought of this... Many parts of the country, including where I live - East Midlands - can't yet receive Freeview HD. The other thing to bear in mind is that, IIRC, Freeview currently only broadcasts 3-4 HD channels, so your partner is going to have to want to record BBC or ITV pretty much, because there ain't much else.

Oh, and I can confirm what everyone else has said: you can get a Freeview HD receiver for £100 or less, but a Freeview HD DVR will cost quite a bit more and they're still pretty thin on the ground - possibly for the reasons I noted above...

  woodchip 14:09 15 Jul 2010

This is the Daewoo if you can get one click here
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