Advice needed for comps bought from Multivision!

  Infamous 11:32 30 Mar 2003

hey people thought i ask ur advice on a situation im in.Badicly i recommeded a 2 pc's from multivison as i did not have time to build him 1. And now they having major problems with the comps. e.g Stop errors, tried everything i know with these errors as i have had them before on my comp. Phoned multivison many times and 1 time i got through they said to use mirror disk and see if they appear. They did, updated all the drivers. And finally the cpu temp goes through the roof. Im talkin 60-70. I checked the comps the heat sinks seem to be small though. They sendin new heat sinks, but seem to be the same 1's
1 pc amd xp 2700Xp 512 Ram 120 gig HDD WD MSI kt400 ati 9700 pro connect 3d audigy live drive

2nd pc amd xp 2200Xp win fast board(cant remember which 1) 512 RAM 120 gig HDD ati 9500 128meg

Same problem on both! He so annoyed he wants to send em back if it aint sorted. Wots the best thing to do? anybody got any advice? Thanks

  graham 12:16 30 Mar 2003

Send 'em back!

  Infamous 12:19 30 Mar 2003

Thanks for the reply, Weve only had the computers for 2 weeks and not a day goes past with out the stop error.And over heating when u play a game. So we do have the right of sendin them bk? Sorry if this sounds silly but ive never bought a comp before. All mine have been built my self!

  graham 15:09 30 Mar 2003

They will probably want to repair them first. Were they mail order, and did you pay by credit card? If so, give the credit card people a ring and put them in the picture. You shouldn't have to fit heat sinks yourself. What's the deal on repair, will they pick them up (return to base) or send someone round?

  Infamous 15:27 30 Mar 2003

Thanks mate! I will inform him on that! because it aint right that i should repair them! Secondly they aint worked from day 1, I thought multivison were a good company! Ive bought a laptop from them and it was fine. I looked at the reviews from PCA and then recomended! well thats just life!

  graham 15:34 30 Mar 2003

Just looked at their site click here , looks like they will send someone round, and then return to base at their expense. I think they will be anxious to avoid bad publicity.

  Infamous 15:42 30 Mar 2003

Cheers mate! Its just so hard to get through to them, Phone calls always go to answer machine, e-mails aint answered. Have to fax them to get there attention! Cheers for the help any way! I see wot happens!

  graham 15:47 30 Mar 2003

Yes, do let us know the outcome.

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