advice needed about a new mobo

  Majin_Vegetto007 13:15 30 Jun 2004

recently i have been having trouble trying to get my brand new duron cpu to run at the speed it was retailed at (1.8ghz) on my pcchips mlr810 the solution i have come up with is to get a new motherboard however i do not know which one to get i need one that is the same size that can take512mb sdram and can take duron cpu's i also need one that has the various ports such as pci and agp it should also have the variou connections such as usb and serial/parallel. does nyone have any suggestions or am i doomed to live out the rest of the life of my pc with it under performing

  xania 13:48 30 Jun 2004

I have taken a quick look at the Mr Chips site but cannot find the mobo you quote. There are quite a few M810 models and it loks as if these are all MicroATX. From what I can see, there is no reason why your current mobo should not support the Duron 1.8 Mhz. If this is fairly new, I suggest you take it back and see what's gone wrong. Alternatively, I would have thought you could still buy an identical replacement. If not, then almost any mobo which supports AMD should provide all you require, although, having gone for a MicroATX previously, perhaps you should stick to this reather than risk the full ATX models.

  Majin_Vegetto007 15:40 30 Jun 2004

the thing is the mobo came with the computer but the rest of the computer has been upgraded by me, the latest thing that got upgraded was the cpu and heatsink/fan assemble i mean could it be the cpu thats running slowly bcoz its damaged or what. i don't think u can buy this mobo anymore bcoz it came with the pc as i have said b4 and the pc is a couple of years old now. any suggestions

  Majin_Vegetto007 16:20 30 Jun 2004

and does anyone know how the flash the bios, coz i haven't got a clue i know u have to find the file from somewere but don't know were

  xania 10:30 01 Jul 2004

You can get your BIOS updates from click here

and you can get any further advice from click here

but I suggets you go to the main site click here

and browse

  Majin_Vegetto007 12:19 01 Jul 2004

how do i find out which file i need to download though, thats what is so confusing for me

  xania 12:42 01 Jul 2004

I have just taken a look at the web site again, and the download links do not appear to be working. I suggest you note down what appears on the very first screen, which should describe your mobo serial number, and BIOS version and then drop a note to the second link I gave you asking for specific help.

  Majin_Vegetto007 12:47 01 Jul 2004

ok then thankyou but one thing with that is it goes too quickoly is there anyway of slowing it down, dat you know

  sil_ver 13:11 01 Jul 2004

try pressing the 'pause' key as soon as it appears then 'enter' to continue

  Majin_Vegetto007 18:06 03 Jul 2004

now i have another problem when i press the on button it doesn't even boot up i get nothing on the monitor and the laser on the mouse doesn't turn on, neighter does the keyboard lights turn on. at first i thought it might have been a faulty wire so i changed that but it still doesn't work. and the only way i can turn the computer off is by switching it off at the wall or by pulling the plug out the back. any suggestions on what might be wrong

  sil_ver 22:09 03 Jul 2004

Assuming that you've checked all the connections and made sure your memory stick is fully home in its slot plus any other cards. Also assuming that power is getting to the mobo and the monitor switched on, then you might try resetting CMOS either by removing the battery for a few minutes or using the reset jumper which is almost certainly near to the battery.

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