Advice needed about doorway pages

  edennorman 13:01 01 Jul 2004

I think I have the basic notion behind doorway pages, but my problem is this.

These pages are going to be pretty small so how do you go about finding someone to host such small point buying 50mb of web space if yuo are only going to use 50kb.

Are there really such a thing as free web hosting and if so what might the catch be for someone like me who has a few useful domain names that he would like to turn into doorway pages.

This is a great forum, thank you for your help and patience.


  woodbexhill 12:02 03 Jul 2004

If you own the domains, I assume you can use cloaking to forward the URL to the 'doorway page'. This way, you can store the pages on hosting you currently have and you won't need to purchase hosting for each individual page.

From there, you can then use a meta refresh command to forward from the doorway page through to the main page.

I think, I know what I mean in my head but I'm having difficulties writing down exactly what I mean... hope that helps a bit.

  eldevllc 23:27 18 Jul 2004

Why use doorways as separate .html files, when it is possible to create multiple doorways automatically? Look at click here (SmartMagnet Software).

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