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  [DELETED] 13:20 04 May 2006

Hi guys,

I am of the opinion that my pc is on deaths doorstep and want to build a new one on a tight budget. I reckon that I will need a CPU, Motherboard, Graphics, Harddrive and maybe a new PSU.

I know roughly what I want but not sure what will give my pc the best performance. Is the performance difference between an AMD X2 3800 and an AMD 64 3700 (san diego) worth the difference in price?

Graphics cards. I think I have settled on the Geforce 7600 but not sure which version. I might be able to stretch to £140 ish for the 7600GT. Is it better to go for more slower memory or less faster. There are so many varieties of the same card, it gets confusing. Will these be faster than the 6800?

  [DELETED] 16:22 04 May 2006

I know you want to build it yourself, and having done so many times myself, I admire you for it.

However I would suggest you go to somewhere like Novatech, and see what they have to offer ready built, or how much it would cost to build one to your spec.

The reason I say this is, it is now just as cheap to purchase a high spec machine or even cheaper than to build it.

Coupled with this, most come with a very good warranty which if you build yourself, and you do something wrong, your attempt is somewhat thwarted.

Novatech, go to

click here

what ever way you choose, I wish you all the very best.

  Pineman100 19:13 04 May 2006

As Fingees says, nowadays there's very little difference in price between buying the components to build your own computer, and buying a ready-built. The manufacturers are paying much less for bulk buying their parts than you will pay for one-offs, hence this situation.

If you build it yourself and it goes wrong, you've got no protection and no-one to shout at.

  [DELETED] 20:18 04 May 2006

Hi, depends what you want to do with it but I bought the cheapest Dell about 3 months back to use for office apps; photos; and net/mail and am well satisfied. Cutting edge technology it's not but works for me!

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