advice needed

  The GnoMe 11:23 30 Aug 2005

Hi all after a long time away from this forum i have come back to ask for your advice on my latest website. please be ruthless as i want it to be the best i can do.

click here

Thanks all


  Forum Editor 22:21 30 Aug 2005

isn't such a pleasant thing, and your website isn't bad.

There are a few spelling errors, and quite a few punctuation errors, but you can fix that - just run your text through a spell-checker. The use of apostrophes is often a problem, and you need to think about it. "childrens" should be childrens' for instance. Get someone to check the text for you - someone who's reasonably good at that kind of thing.

It might also be a good idea to provide newcomers with a phonetic guide to the pronunciation of Baha'i

  Eric10 16:02 31 Aug 2005

I'm sorry to contradict anyone but "children" is the plural of "child" so "classes for children" should be "children's classes" not "childrens' classes".

  ade.h 18:41 31 Aug 2005

click here Essential reading for some, methinks.

  The GnoMe 20:55 31 Aug 2005

Hi all well thanks for your comments, well you see, i have a problem about the 'grey bar' coming out of my side image above the navigation. I have taken out the 'background' link in my style sheet, as on all pages other than the index page, when viewing in ie6 the background image which should look like the index page, were the grey bar goes all the way along the top, on the other pages it stripes down the whole page, it only does this on the other pages when the link to the 'background' is in the css sheet, so i took it out but it still shows normal in firefox etc, with this in.

how can i reslove this, i use dreamweaver btw


  Forum Editor 00:34 01 Sep 2005

and thanks for the correction. As someone once said "Punctuation is rather like taxation law - it's a dry old subject but if you don't understand it you can't use it to your advantage."

  Eric10 11:39 01 Sep 2005

Right then, after our earlier bit of frivolity about spelling and grammar let's see if we can do something more constructive for you.

The main reason why your grey bar doesn't extend across the pages is that you have missed out the closing angle bracket ">" at the end of your 'keyword' meta tag on all the affected pages.

Once you have this working correctly you may want to move the style entries from the head section of your pages back into the style sheet as this will greatly help in implementing any changes you may later wish to make. I also noticed that every page has the same title and they should have individual titles according to their content.

  Terry Brown 11:47 03 Sep 2005

Over the years I have ammassed a collection of Graphics (Drawings & cartoons)). What I want to know is, If I want to use them on a website. Most of the graphics come from magazine CD's. What is the legal position on copyright ?. If I can't use them, what is the point of having them ?.

  Forum Editor 11:50 03 Sep 2005

Any graphic which is distributed on a magazine cover CD will almost certainly be copyright-free. You may use such images quite freely, so don't worry.

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