Advice on my new site?!!

  bigdamouk 18:43 30 Jan 2003

Ive got my home page of my new site up at the moment and want everybodys general opinions.
click here

  frodge 18:57 30 Jan 2003

love the black, love the pics but the red fonts apart from title which is great don't show up to bright.


  Eagie 19:01 30 Jan 2003

It's looking ok but none of the buttons work. Is it all the text one large picture? I'm on broadband so it doesn't worry me but how long does it take to load on a standard modem dial-up?

Also you may want to look at the labels on the pictures as they are just showing the filenames which is the default for most web publishing programs.

Good luck with it.

  bigdamouk 19:07 30 Jan 2003

yeah...none of the buttons work yet, ive just done the home page..but it still needs work like renaming the photos (as you say), yes the text has been outputted as artistic text (for the moment) as im having a bit of trouble aligning it.
thanks folks :-)

  STREETWORK 19:59 30 Jan 2003

place text links at the bottom of the pages as well as the graphic ones, separate the elements of the picture, ie navigation and pictures, try a silver font instead of red, is that a picture of you??

  spuds 20:00 30 Jan 2003

Seems fine to me, and all blends in smoothly. When will the site be completed, as I would love to see the end results.

  scooby43 21:02 30 Jan 2003

Hi bigdamouk

Looks a good web site just it a pity it takes along time to load as I have only a 56k modem


  Falkyrn 21:46 30 Jan 2003

Are you aware that all of your text is loaded as individual jpg images ? .... it would speed the site up for 56k users to use plain text where possible.

  bigdamouk 22:24 30 Jan 2003

hopefully im going to sort out the text problem tomorrow. Should speed it up abit.

Thanks for the colour advice STREETWORK, im still experimenting with colour and had settled on the red but i will try out a silver or a chrome look tomorrow,
As for when will it be finished? Hmmmm, there is quite a lot of content and i want to mak sure it gets done right, so hopefully in the next few weeks possibly sooner, Keep checking back though as ill be leaving regular updates on the site.
Thanks all

  bigdamouk 22:25 30 Jan 2003

By the way its not a picture of me :)
i wish it was but its the great Jimi Hendrix

  STREETWORK 19:26 31 Jan 2003

I knew that ;)

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