Advice on mobile wifi routers

  Jollyjohn 13:53 16 Aug 2016

I am researching mobile broadband as an alternative to a landline.(Very long line, struggles to maintain 1MB connection) The house is in a good 4G coverage area and I see I could get a mobile wifi router that will create a hotspot for devices connect to. So far so good but the house in question has extremely thick walls and a wifi signal cannot escape the room it's in. To get round this I have run cables and put wifi extenders in different rooms.

My question is, can I get a mobile wifi router that I could plug into the existing internal network to use instead of the current landline router?

  Jollyjohn 13:37 01 Sep 2016

To answer my own question - click here I have just set one of these up and succesfully connected it into an existing TP Link homeplug network.

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