advice on mbd/processor upgrade please

  User-F7C44B45-2AC7-43C2-8DEF63A8E13A8140 15:38 04 Apr 2005

hi folks,
am currently running AMDK6-2 500 on TMC board (baby AT i think) with 768mb ram and dual boot on scsi 9g hd or 20g ide (actually 40g ide, partitioned so that half is storage and half is OS). Need to speed up as cannot use ide since daughter got a virus on it and i have had nothing but trouble trying to get the use of it back even after reformatting several times on OS partition. So I am using the scsi for everything whereas formally it was kept lean and clean for audio/visual and daily stuff done on IDE. So, I have been given an ASRock ATA 133 K7VM2 with an AthlonXP2200 and fan. All I need to buy is a strip or two of 512mb DDR 266mhz PC2100 memory and a PS2 keyboard and do the changeover. But I am a little wary as I have to do this myself now that I have lost my husband. I have no doubt I can do it but am I really wasting my time? I need to get things back up and running very quickly and then I can think about a bigger and better upgrade. What I need to know is, will this speed things up much or not? I have a matrox g450 dualhead lx graphics card and a creative awe32 sound card and am running win.98se (which i intend to go to XP).
thanks for your help.


  goonerbill © ® 17:08 04 Apr 2005

some things will run a lot quicker and you should see an improvement over your other pc and memory is quite easy to fit, even for a novice. using the matrox g450 dualhead lx graphics card and a creative awe32 sound card in the new pc, may be a problem if you go over to XP, as i was unable to find XP drivers for them.

  Dan the Doctus 17:30 04 Apr 2005

You'll need to buy a new case as the new motherboard has a MicroATX form factor which won't physically be installable into your current case, so you'll need a new PSU as well.

  Rayuk 18:13 04 Apr 2005

Drivers for WinXP on their website
click here

  Rayuk 18:19 04 Apr 2005

My appologies thought you were talking of the Matrox drivers as you say there are no drivers for the awe32 sound card.
Which shouldnt be a problem as the board has onboard sound.

  goonerbill © ® 17:41 05 Apr 2005

hi Rayuk. i was saying that there was no drivers for both cards. dont forget that ettarune's matrox card has Lx on the end and could find not drivers for that unless the drivers for the standard matrox g450 work with it.

Dan the Doctus, the motherboard should still fit a standard pc case even if it is microATX.

  Dan the Doctus 17:46 05 Apr 2005

An ATX motherboard won't go in an AT case - at least it didn't with mine.

  Rayuk 18:29 05 Apr 2005

Had a quick look seems the difference with the LX card is that it has 16Mb memory instead of the 32Mb on the normal G450 so drivers should be ok.

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