Advice on K-9 email on Nexus 7

  exdragon 18:44 16 Aug 2014

Hi - I currently have Windows Live Mail on my desktop and laptop, the default email client which came with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (not gmail) and the same one on my Nexus 7, all pop3.

Is there anything to be gained by changing to K-9 for the phone and tablet? Or is there anything else which you could recommend? The reason I have them all as pop3 is because I'm convinced that I'm going to lose something important between moving from one location to another and perhaps only having the tablet with me.


  Woolwell 21:45 16 Aug 2014

Sorry but I don't know about K9 but I would recommend moving to IMAP from pop. If you do that all emails are kept on the server, are also downloaded to each device and you can see the same emails, including sent emails, on whatever device you happen to be using.

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