Advice on installing a 2nd hard disk drive please

  Never again 06:31 06 Jun 2003

I have a 4 year old pc which has a 13gb c drive, which my kids have managed to fill up. Although I regularly defrag it,use disk clean up, uninstall infrequently used,unused programs, etc I think that it would be easier if I installed another drive and got the kids to use this for thier games, etc.

Is it very easy to install and how much am I likely to pay for a drive up to 40gb.

  Never again 09:10 06 Jun 2003

Thanks AndySD - thats a brilliant site.

Can you recommend where I can get a cheap drive as well?

  Never again 14:58 06 Jun 2003

I think that my original drive is ide.

Most of the ones that I see are EIDE - is that the same?

  Never again 15:59 06 Jun 2003

All the drives on sale seem to be EIDE but I only have an IDE drive and controller.

Will it fit?

  Rayuk 18:07 06 Jun 2003

You ca get an 80Gb hard drive for £64 at
click here look under hard drives.
Do you know what motherboard you have,if not download Aida32 it might be able to tell you.
click here

  Never again 07:42 07 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone - Bought a 40gb one for £48 including postage and vat from ebuyer in the end.

I just hope that my motherboard is up to it.

Should I reinstall the programs onto this to free more space on my 13bg drive running windows ME?

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