Advice on how to block unwanted content

  Rubz 19:17 19 Jan 2005

has anyone got any free software or advice on how to prevent adult content and premium rate dialers of ever thinking of coming on my pc?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:22 19 Jan 2005
  stugra 19:23 19 Jan 2005

Use Zonealarm to stop access to porn sites and adaware to filter out the spyware

  Taw® 19:25 19 Jan 2005

ms antispyware click here adaware click here
spybot click here also spyware guard and spywareblaster and a2 someone shoudl come with those links. download them all as they all act on different spyware

  Jackcoms 19:29 19 Jan 2005
  joethebow 22:22 19 Jan 2005

If you're with BT you can ask them to block all Premium Rate Numbers, a free service. This will stop local premium rate dialers but not Foreigh ones.

To block foreign ones you need to ask them to block overseas calls and this costs just under £3 per quarter. Not cheap but a lot cheaper than an hour or so at £1.50 a minute.

Of course if you're on broadband dialers cannot hijack your line as you don't dial out.

As for the rest, sorry I cannot help.

  Rubz 12:36 20 Jan 2005

so it dosent affect broadband?
could u explain in a bit more detail plz

  Jackcoms 17:57 20 Jan 2005

If you use broadband, rogue diallers can still find their way on to your system but they cannot dial out if you do not have a dial-up modem connected.

Without a dial-up connection/modem there is nothing there for them to dial out with.

BB connections do not involve dialling out, so diallers cannot work down a BB line.

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