advice for home network - please

  iamalipaul 22:06 20 Sep 2003

someone must have done this before. I want to network 2 PCs together to enable net access from the 2nd PC. Ive heard this could be possible without the main PC being powered up, is this true?

I know the cheapest method would be 2 NICs and a cable, but what would be the approx cost of a wireless LAN link?

The hardware: the second PC is brand new with XP, and the main amd 1700 with win98 se. the modem is a Rockwell V90 PCI card about 4 years old.
I realise I should upgrade to XP on the main PC to reduce any probs.

appreciate any advice


  LastChip 23:18 20 Sep 2003

If you want internet access on both machines, but WITHOUT the main machine powered up, you need a router.

You should buy a router that has a built in modem and firewall as a minimum. This plugs into your telephone line, and each computer connects to the router. Likewise, if you want to go to a wireless solution, you still need a wireless router, but be aware, wireless networks bring their own challenges, not least of which is security, and are never as fast as a conventional network.

If you are content to have your "internet" computer on whilst using the internet, the solution is considerably cheaper. The cheapest option would be, two network cards and a crossover cable.

There is no reason to up-grade to XP on the main PC. Win98se is adequate.

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