Advice on having a website designed and created

  iqs 19:56 06 Nov 2008

My sister is in the process of looking at the possibility of having a web site/page created for her group.

Can anyone offer any tips or advice on what she must ask for,or require to have a working informative web site please.

Thank you

  Forum Editor 08:01 07 Nov 2008

of sites previously created by the designer/company involved, and these should be live and online, not simply samples on their own website.

She should provide a very clear brief, outlining her own requirements, and any design ideas she might have, and ask for a firm quotation, which should cover all the work, right up to publication to the server.

She should think very carefully before agreeing to the finished site being hosted in a designer's own server space. This gives the designer total control over the site, and it could make it difficult for your sister to assume ownership in the case of any financial dispute.

She should insist on being given a CD copy of the site as it exists at the point of publication, and any usernames-passwords required to access the site on the server.

She should not make the final payment until the site is published, is working properly, and until she has the CD and access details mentioned above.

She should make sure that she provides text and any images to the designer as and when they are required, and she should check text very carefully before passing it on.

She should ensure that any contact forms return their results to an email address specified by her.

She should make sure that if visitors are asked to submit their personal details on forms there is a clear link, close to the top of the form, that gives people the opportunity to read the terms of her data privacy policy.

If the site is selling goods and/or services she should ensure that there is a clear indication of a postal address at which she - or an appropriate person - can be contacted by mail, and a telephone contact number.

She should ensure that there is a copyright claim at the bottom of each site page. It should say: "All text and images©(insert name of your sister's group)2008

She should ensure that any domain name acquired on her behalf by a designer is registered to her, and not to the designer, and that she is shown as the administrative contact, so that renewal notifications come directly to her.

  Forum Editor 08:08 07 Nov 2008

Once the site is finished and online, and before she makes the final payment She should ask the designer to send her an email that says:

"I hereby assign my copyright in any content on the site that is published to (insert full site address) as at (insert date) to (insert your sister's name), and I confirm that any images provided by me are copyright free."

This is especially important if the designer has written any text at all, or provided any images.

Once all that has been done, and the site is working and paid for, your sister should change the server access password, unless she has agreed that the designer will continue to have access under the terms of any ongoing maintenance agreement.

  iqs 08:27 07 Nov 2008

Hello Forum Editor,Thank you for your detailed help and advice.I will pass on the info this morning.
Kind regards,IQS

  Ryanmt 10:56 07 Nov 2008

If she has paid for the design too also ask for any of the PSD files (photoshop) that go with the site, these will allow you to easily update the design of the website in the future. Alot of people don't get a copy of these and it makes editing things or creating new buttons etc a pain.

Not everybody is experienced with html either.. and what can look like a very good site can infact look utterly awful in linux or on a mac.

My suggestion is to ask them to make the sites meet the W3C css and html standards.This will make sure the code is at least complying with the standards and should look the same across all platforms. It can also help search engines better spider the site getting her higher up on googles results pages

see here

click here

  iqs 15:52 07 Nov 2008

Hi Ryanmt,
Thanks also for your advice.All points have been noted.

  dj hell 22:25 08 Nov 2008

make sure your site looks exactly the same in IE6, IE7, Firefox and Opera at least.

If they looked fubared in other browsers its just the web design company being sloppy.

If you provide the URL i'll be happy to check for you.

  iqs 10:37 09 Nov 2008

Thanks for the offer j hell.
Will forward the offer on,Cheers

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