advice on hardware firewall

  El jimbo 22:22 06 Jul 2004

I am a home user using ntl broadband. I need advice on buying a hardware firewall purely to protect my machine, not for sharing. Cheap as possible. Thanks.

  jonnytub 22:29 06 Jul 2004

click here download, install and update. this will give your pc good protection from malicous attack, and it's free!!!

  jonnytub 22:32 06 Jul 2004

that's zonealarm by the way

  El jimbo 23:08 06 Jul 2004

Thanks, I've already installed ZA and also spybot. I wanted to be 100% sure. Are hardware firewalls only for businesses? If I can get a good one cheap I wouldn't mind getting it. Does any home user out there have one?

  jonnytub 23:12 06 Jul 2004

doubtful, you don't really need one, if you want to be really sure keep every bit of your firewall, antivirus, spybot, windows os upto date by web updates and you won't have any probs, personally i do mine daily.

  jonnytub 23:16 06 Jul 2004

if you really want click here

  El jimbo 23:22 06 Jul 2004

johnnytub, thanks, I'll take your advice. By the way, what's a good anti-virus? and what do you think of Norton's?

  jonnytub 23:31 06 Jul 2004

Norton's a good suite to have, i prefer not to pay as i'm reguarly skint so i downloaded avg antivirus for free from, it's quite good at detection

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