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  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 21:11 16 Jun 2003

Hi all,

Just a quickie,

Need to get a fairly high spec Graphics card for a system I am putting together for someone and need your excellent advice.

The System is a 3000XP with 1GB PC3200 Win XP Pro.

It is not needed for games but for professional digital photography and digital manipulation of photos. During the process the software that is being used (a specific package for professional photographers) will convert the file format from a standard digital image to a video image (Dont ask me how or why - its just the way the preview CD is created) I am told that due to this the more on board memory that the card has the better.

Not being into games myself or high end graphics cards (I still run a Geforce 3 TI500) I wondered what is out there in the £150 bracket that would do a decent job.

As allways many thanks in advance...

  rickf 21:26 16 Jun 2003

The Gigabyte ATI 9000 pro II is excellent and the price is very reasonable now. So is the Ti 4200.

  hugh-265156 21:30 16 Jun 2003

matrox make good cards for this sort of thing.but are expensive around £300.same for high end radeons and geforce cards.

for £150 you will get a geforce4200ti card or radeon 9500pro.

but if you want high spec you will need to pay a lot more.

Thanks for the input so far.

The thing is, I dont really know what is needed for the program. It certainly does not need a £300 Geforce FX5**** or Radeon 9800 etc. I wondered if anyone had any personal experience of a decent card of about 128Mb DDR at that figure that they feel they could reccomend?

Keep them comming.....(please)

  hugh-265156 21:48 16 Jun 2003

i use a radeon 9000 128mb and it will play anything at a sensible resolution.2d is good also.

can be picked up for about £80

but as you want to use this for image work then you will need to spend more.

  Bodi 22:15 16 Jun 2003

click here

I found the Leadtek reasonably good cards for the price, and no bother to install - but take a peep and see what you think of these.


  Ironman556 00:10 17 Jun 2003

Radeon's tend to give a better image than the equivalent Geforce.

If it's not for gaming then you won't need DX 9 support. I'd say that a Radeon 9500 Pro 128 MB would be a good card. The 9600 Pro is cut down from the 9500 Pro, so may not handle images quite as well.

Avoid the All-In-Wonders. Sapphire are a good make for Radeons.

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