advice on a good wireless router/modem please

  bumpkin 16:47 13 Nov 2011

Hi everyone, I am trying update my kit and want to switch to wireless from wired. I have a linksys wired router which is fine but on the slow side. 3 pc`s connected with ethernet 100mbs. As I understand things I can get up to 300 using the correct PCI card or USB dongles which I have. I have tried the "Cheap and cheerful" ebay stuff. Cheap yes, cheerful no, load of crap, I will bin it lesson learned. To get to the point I just want opinions on which is a good wireless router for home use. I want to connect 3 desktops and 1 laptop. 2 desktops are less than 1m from access point, third is about 4. The laptop or any other wireless device I would like to be able to work at about 40mtrs away going through 2 brick walls. I have tried to give as much info as possible.

  mgmcc 20:23 13 Nov 2011

"I have a linksys wired router which is fine but on the slow side. 3 pc`s connected with ethernet 100mbs"

Slow in what respect? At the moment you have three or four computers connecting to the router at 100Mbps, with each enjoying the full 100Mbps available bandwidth. If you change to 300Mbps 802.11n hardware, in practice the speed may be about 200Mbps shared between all connections. That will be considerably slower for each computer than your present arrangement.

If you really want a faster network for data transfer between computers, upgrade your hardware (router and all network adapters) to Gigabit (1000Mbps) wired ethernet. You could connect just the remote Laptop by 300Mbps 802.11n WiFi, which wouldn't degrade the network performance of your wired PCs.

  bumpkin 00:19 14 Nov 2011

mgmcc, thanks for the info, seems like I am better off with my existing wired set up. I still want to have wireless access to laptop say 50mtrs range. Any suggestions please.


  onthelimit1 09:12 14 Nov 2011

50 mtrs is pushing it a bit (with the two walls you mention). Might be better going down the Homeplug route?

  bumpkin 16:16 14 Nov 2011

Thanks, I clearly know little about this. I wanted to be able to use the laptop without cabling as it is difficult in my circumstances, it can be done but a very long cable run.

A wireless router seemed like the answer. I bought a 300Mbps and some dongles thinking that I would connect all of the machines by wireless and that they would be faster than 100Mbps ethernet. I was unaware that the 300Mbps which is more likely to be 200Mbps was shared between all connections. On that basis it would only be faster if only one PC connected.

Speed increase was not the initial objective but I got sidetracked due to my inexperience of the matter.

Now I am thinking, keep the wired ones wired and buy a cheap slower wireless router just for the laptop. (as suggested by mgmcc)

Homeplug looks like another option that I had not heard of until now, having researched it, it seems it will probably be more reliable over the distance but less flexible and a fair bit more expensive

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