Advice for gaming PC for 11 yr old

  Mumto3boys 11:30 02 Jan 2017

Hi I'm after some advice please!! My 11yr old is after his first gaming pc. He has had a dell laptop for a couple of years which just isn't cutting it anymore. He moans constantly about lagging and glitching (I'm baffled!) The games he tried to play generally come from steam? We have a budget of no more than £600 (and that's with all the family contributing for his birthday) Please give me some pointers on what I should be looking for. It needs to last him a good couple of years at least!

  Govan1x 11:53 02 Jan 2017

This is in your price range but not got a clue whether there is anything better for the price. it is just something to look at till someone can give you proper advice.

Maybe think about 2nd hand or refurbished laptops I am sure someone will be able to advise you what is best to go for.

Click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:01 02 Jan 2017

Laptop or desktop (desktop need more space but can be upgraded at a later date)?

the specs of the games determine the minimum required to run the games.

  Forum Editor 13:03 02 Jan 2017

You mentioned a gaming PC, rather than a laptop, so take a look at this - it fits the bill, but is slightly over your budget figure.

To be honest, you re unlikely to find anything decent for gaming at less than this.

  Mumto3boys 16:02 02 Jan 2017

Hi, desktop or laptop doesn't make a difference. He is only 11 so I'm hoping a budget end build will suffice for a few years until he can buy himself one!

  wee eddie 16:57 02 Jan 2017

Does he have a Saturday job yet, or get paid for washing the car/tidying his room/whatever.

Then show him the options and explain that your budget will not stretch to a machine that plays all the games he wants to. Make him do the research online himself and then offer him a deal.

For example: - You will match every £1 he adds to the pot with a £5'er from your pocket.

  martd7 18:00 02 Jan 2017

Link from F.E. Is a good pc,what you haven't mentioned is does the budget include a monitor?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:23 02 Jan 2017

Link from F.E. Is a good pc.......

Yes, the reviewed PC looks good but it's important to mention that the "Buy the Kinetic K1 from Overclockers UK ......." link on that page takes one to a £376 model that's not a gaming PC. It doesn't even have an operating system nor the components mentioned in the PCA review. They have to be added on to the basic configuration shown.

I'd hate for mum to click on that link, think she was getting a bargain and disappoint her son on his birthday.

  martd7 18:48 02 Jan 2017

Link takes me to a £650 pc,Intel i3,8gb ram,rx470 video card

  Forum Editor 18:56 02 Jan 2017

"link on that page takes one to a £376 model that's not a gaming PC."

Unfortunately, the supplier appears to have changed the page content since our article was written, a couple of months ago.

Let's try another machine that was well reviewed by us in November last. You can buy this one here.

  bumpkin 19:21 02 Jan 2017

Good suggestion by wee eddie but be careful, I got seriously caught out on a similar teaching thrift idea. No not underestimate them.

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