Advice on Firewalls and Ccleaner

  littlestan 14:06 17 Dec 2008

Hi - forgive me if this is somewhere on the forum but in work and doing this quickly. My questions and your advice very welcome please -

with the recent panic about Windows Internet Explorer and hacking etc - I have a firewall already on my laptop which came as standard as when i run the upgrades it has a tick against firewall protection working etc. (I have a HP lappy and run Vista). I have also - with advice from the forum - downloaded free AVG, Spywareblaster, Ccleaner and spy?? something else. Is this sufficient or should i now download another free firewall. If so - which one and will it slow up my PC as I have only a basic sort of model.

Also, on Ccleaner - I have read the very good advice regarding this and how to use and have run Ccleaner on my lappy - but am a bit confused as to what boxes should be ticked and am still trying to get my head around what the Registry bit is as I have not done anything with this bit of Ccleaner yet.

What significance is cleaning the Registry and if I do/do not clean this what will happen as it seems there is a risk of 'corrupting' your PC if you hit this or that wrongly - which would be a horrendous nightmare for a greenhorn like me.

Again, apologies for seeming dim but probably am!

Thanks guys and girls x

  johndrew 15:17 17 Dec 2008

Firewall. You only need one, but it should be able to block both incoming and outgoing information. The Microsoft firewalls will only block incoming, as a result a third party firewall worthwhile click here.

Ccleaner. After installation leave settings as default and you should have no problems.

Being dim. We all have to learn, and the truly dim ones either ignore the advice given or are unwilling to solicit it in the first place as a result of arrogance.

  DippyGirl 15:52 17 Dec 2008

This was posted this week by skidzy click here - might be worth a read

  iscanut 16:25 17 Dec 2008

Many of our members will tell you not to bother with the registry, just leave it alone as it should not affect the normal home user at all. The advice re default options for CCleaner is good. Do not change anything and let it do what it reports. I have always done that with no ill effects. Don't be put out by the various bits of news re Internet Explorer. With care and good sense you will be OK. Don't forget, only have one firewall installed and running at any one time. Don't apologise, carry on asking if not sure.

  littlestan 17:21 17 Dec 2008

Everyone - thank you SOOOO much - you are all very helpful and reassuring as always. From what I can gather from your link Johndrew I may well have enough protection from the Microsoft Vista firewall pre-installed on my PC. If not, how do I find out if it is only blocking incoming?

I have printed off Dippygirl link - thankyou - very informative.

Again many thanks and have a good computing Christmas! xx

  tullie 20:07 17 Dec 2008

Some say that the Vista firewall is sufficient,i am not yet convinced.

  iscanut 20:11 17 Dec 2008

Vista firewall works both ways, outgoing & incoming. Also run Windows Update now as the patch for IE 7 is now available on the site.

  johndrew 10:06 18 Dec 2008

The firewalls supplied with Windows are very basic. I would always suggest you go for a third party item; there are several that are free either as full versions or cut down after a trial period. I use the Sunbelt/Kerio software but others would suggest Comodo or similar.

  littlestan 11:27 18 Dec 2008

Johndrew - Many thanks. If I do install another firewall - will this cause my PC to run slow or behave oddly as I remember, I think it might have been something like Moxilla(?), which somehow got attached after I downloaded something else and my PC was terrible - when I uninstalled it my PC seemed ok again. As I say, I don't have mega memory as my lappy is very much for home use and mainly internet usage - so any advice would, as always, be welcome.

  johndrew 14:13 18 Dec 2008

Not installing an improved firewall will have no effect unless you contaminate your PC. Basically if you do get malware that wishes to download data from your PC you will have no warning and nothing to stop it. If you read my link from the top down to and including the paragraph on Microsoft firewalls it will answer your questions.

  peter99co 14:37 18 Dec 2008

You should have received a Microsoft update to IE7 by now.

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