advice on filling ink cartridge

  skippytibb 21:53 28 Jan 2005

i have bought ink refills for my lexmark after filling and leaving overnight they seemed fine but when i turned on the printer it is saying they need refilling why? also printing is c**p

  [DELETED] 22:05 28 Jan 2005

If your Lexmark cartridge has a chip it will detect the cartridge as empty because it doesn't realise its refilled, you will need to reprogram the chip if that is the case. I don't know if any Lexmark are chipped or not. If that is not the case then perhaps the print head has clogged up a bit try cleaning it. Personally I can't be bothered refilling cartridges anyway I just buy compatibles, Lexmark are unfortunatly much more expensive than other makes but click here

  woodchip 22:15 28 Jan 2005

As Above filling your own is not worth the mess, I have gone through it all, and no matter how careful you will ruin your clothes etc Get them from the above link. Used them for years

  alan227 22:29 28 Jan 2005

Woodchip I disagree, I have been refilling my cartridges for some years now and have not destroyed any clothes or anything else.
It is possible that you need to use the head cleaning function in the Lexmark printer.

  woodchip 22:40 28 Jan 2005

What colour Hands have you got today

  [DELETED] 22:48 28 Jan 2005

Perhaps alan227 just isn't as clumsy as you and me woodchip. I know the last time I did it, a few years ago now, I made a bit of a mess. Mind you a mate of mine has done his a few times with no mess, or so he says. Anyway, if cleaning the head doesn't work using the head cleaning function and bear in mind you may need to run this a few times there is another option you can try. If the heads are totally blocked and the head cleaning doesn't work then sit the head of the cartridge in a saucer of water (just a couple of millimetres of water mind you) for a minute or so, dry it off with a paper towel and refit it to the printer, it usually works. Make sure its totally dry before refitting the cartridge.

  [DELETED] 10:24 29 Jan 2005

I agree with Alan227.
Some people can repair car engines, some can't.
Some people can write a book, some can't and some people can re-fill cartridges without making a mess over everything, and some can't.
I've been re-filling for 5 years now and the most mess you get is when you wash out the syringe and needles but it all swills away easily.
I refilled some Canon cartridges about 40 times for about £1 each. Considering the new cartridges cost roughly £20, that's a saving of about £760 over a couple of years. Well worth the trouble.
I now refill Lexmark carts with no problems.
Decent refill kits (Ink-Tec from Choicestationery) make the job a lot easier and cleaner. They also include a cartridge holder, a rubber seal and a syringe for drawing ink out through the print head in order to clear internal air-locks.
Info from click here can also help in doing the job properly.

Skippytibb? If you remove a cartridge from a Lexmark you usually have to go to the Solution Centre and tell it whether the replacement is old or new. It will then show the correct ink level.
It will also will want re-aligning properly otherwise your printing is bound to be blurred and crap.
Reading the instructions also usually helps.

As Totallybraindead says, water in a saucer will help to clear a blocked print head.
Use hot water (not boiling) and leave until cool then stand the cartridge on a damp paper tissue until the ink flows. Don't touch the electrical contacts.

I would also suggest that you don't switch the printer on unless you are going to use it right away as this leaves the cartridge print head in the open air and prone to drying out.

  [DELETED] 20:51 31 Jan 2005

I have been using compatible cartridges from click here for a while, they also sell the same ones in Wilkinson's stores. Just a couple of suggestions. Regards esso.

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