Advice on external hardrive?

  Total_Sabotage 20:48 20 Jun 2009

Hey everyone i was just wondering i have an external hardrive ( maxtor basics 3200 320gb hardrive) well its after breaking on me so i took it in to be repaired and get the data i had on it to be transferred to a different hardrive.well he told me i would need to get a new external maxtor hardrive and the parts would be transferred .I went to pc world today and unfortunately they no longer have it in stock.So the clerk recommended i get a 320 gb hardrive by western digital he says maxtor dont make the hardrive themselves and the hardrives would be similiar and he would be able to take the missing parts from one to the other.I'll ring the crowd tomorrow and ask em but does anyone think this will work???Thanks your advice will be greatly appreciated

  chub_tor 20:54 20 Jun 2009

Any brand of external hard drive will probably work and Western Digital is a good brand.

  DieSse 23:00 20 Jun 2009

"....maxtor dont make the hardrive themselves"

Maxtor is a division of Seagate, who manufacture both brands of drive.

However, as above, Western Digital is another top drive manufacturer.

How old is it - it mat well be under warranty - hard drives should last for a minimum of several years.

  Total_Sabotage 23:16 20 Jun 2009

No its out of warranty unfortunately but its just i want to get the data off it would a western digital hardrive have the same componets of a maxtor one?

  woodchip 23:23 20 Jun 2009

Me I would go for Seagate Ex Drive as they have best warranty. the one I use is a Made up one. External USB2 Caddy with a Cheap Maxtor drive in it

  phono 23:47 20 Jun 2009

"he would be able to take the missing parts from one to the other"

There should be no parts that need transferring, it should simply be a matter of opening the enclosure, removing the defective drive and installing the new one.

Unless this is a specialist data recovery lab, with specialist equipment and software, I am intrigued as to how the 'Clerk' is going to retrieve the data from a failed hard drive, if indeed it is a specialist data recovery service you are using I take it you are aware of the potential costs that may be involved.

If it is not a specialist service I would be a bit suspicious as to whether or not a new hard drive is actually required.

  Total_Sabotage 23:52 20 Jun 2009

Phono i was asking the clerk as i took it to a specialist and he said to get identical one and since the clerk didnt have it he suggested i get the 320 gb western hardrive.If you install the new drive would all the data be wiped from it??

  phono 00:16 21 Jun 2009

Installing the new drive in the external enclosure will not wipe the original drive.

Be aware though that if a drive has completely failed any attempt at data recovery from it will require specialist hardware and/or software, even then there is no absolute guarantee that your data will be recovered. Also be aware that this service will come at a price, the hardware and software involved is not cheap and so the price of the service is also not cheap, at the very least it will probably be in the hundreds of pounds.

If you are being offered a service which costs considerably less than this, then in all likelihood, the drive has not suffered a complete failure and data recovery could most likely be achieved by yourself, or someone with a reasonable knowledge of Windows, and the original drive re-used.

  gazzaho 06:19 21 Jun 2009

The first thing I would try is remove it from it's external drive casing and fit it internally, the only problem that might arise as I see it in doing this is if the drive is SATA, if your computer is 5 or 6 years old it may not have a SATA motherboard connection. Any of the external drives that have failed on me were down to problems with the enclosure rather than the drive itself. I have two fitted to Icybox enclosures now and one fitted internally.

If the drive works fine internally then you can either leave it there or buy an external drive enclosure for £10/£20.

  woodchip 17:08 21 Jun 2009

What they do in most Recovery shops is get a drive old or new with same or near same Drive controller card and and fit it to your drive so it will start then data can be got at

  phono 20:43 21 Jun 2009

That approach wont work where there are defects on the disk(s) surface(s).

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