Advice on easy-to-use animation software please

  Whaty 12:27 18 Sep 2004

I'm back, sorry to pester..

I've gone through my collection of PC Advisor cover discs and found two possibles: DrawPlus 4 (mentioned by Pesala in my previous thread, thank you again) and KoolMoves Lite.

I want some easy to use software to animate drawings, 'sprites' drawn by my son in MS Paint. Has anyone used either of these applications and can anyone recommend one over the other please.


  Diodorus Siculus 13:28 18 Sep 2004

click here for another option...

  Whaty 13:53 18 Sep 2004

Thanks Diodorus Siculus, there are some clever people out there..!

  Whaty 14:50 20 Sep 2004

Pesala, I went for DrawPlus 4, it does just what I wanted and it is easy to use so thank you for the advice, however...

Unfortunately I'm having problems with the application in so far as:

1 It keeps causing 'Illegal Operation' errors and shuting down.
2 Can't open saved animations.

It's a shame because (problems excepted) it seems to be just what I wanted and it was free..!!

I've sent a request for help to Serif tech support so I'll have to see what they come back with.

  Pesala 15:50 20 Sep 2004

but don't know how to help. Maybe because the Operating System you are using wasn't around when Draw Plus was written. Someone on the Serif Forum may be able to help.

There should be a cheap or free alternative though, possibly one written with children in mind. Be wary of full-featured packages - in that way DP4 is good as it has just the basic functions that you need. It works fine for me on Windows ME. click here

  Whaty 12:57 21 Sep 2004

Hmmmm. I mailed and rang tech support but Serif don't support DP4 anymore, I thought I would try their forum just to see if anyone else had come accross the problem, it does seem strange.

A chap at Serif suggested I copy the program from the CD to my hard drive, start up in safe mode and install from there. I've convinced myself that it is an installation problem so it might be worth giving that a try this evening.

I've never seen an installation message saying that it can't write to the registry before.. It was a long message but started along the lines of C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\_ID?????? (can't remember the folder name exactly). The message suggested that it couldn't make the registry entry because of the folder.. I cleared the TEMP folder and tried again but no luck..

I'll check this post as resolved now but if I do get it to work I will let you know..


  Whaty 13:02 21 Sep 2004

BTW your link gave me a blank page.?

  Pesala 13:37 21 Sep 2004

It is only an animated GIF produced with Draw Plus so I don't why you're getting a blank page, unless you've have some software that blocks animations.

  Rogerfredo 16:45 21 Sep 2004

I have also had problems of various "bugs" causing Serif products to hang or shut down. In particular, the earlier versions of Pageplus (around v5) seemed prone to this.
Later versions seem much more reliable.
I have drawplus 7 and I think I saw Drawplus 6 on a free magazine CD a couple of days ago.

  Whaty 18:03 21 Sep 2004

Pesala. I'm at work at the moment so it is very possible that our software as blocked the animation..

OzzyOs. I'll have a look at the computer mags but if you could remember the magazine you saw it on that would be brilliant..

Would you say creating animations in DP7 is still easy or have they complicated it in later versions.?

  Whaty 12:15 23 Sep 2004

Pesala, the animation worked fine at home.

Try as I may I can't get DP4 to work properly on my computer so I'm on plan B now, a colleague at work has given me a copy of PSP to try.

Thanks for your help, Terry

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