Advice on DVD writer please

  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:59 09 Jul 2005


I am on the lookout for a multi format DVD writer.

I have found a couple of LG ones that seem okay and are nice and cheap.

Both seem to be dual layer, compatible with +, - and RAM. Is there anything else I ought to think about about?

These are them:

click here

click here

The black would look better as my PC is a kind of black. Any reason that the other is better?

Or are the better ones available at a similar price point?



  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:02 09 Jul 2005

my other question.

They are both only compatible with + dual layer. Can you get - dual layer? If so will this be much of a problem?



  Completealias 21:26 09 Jul 2005

Both the drives are exactly the same apart from the colour of course, the - dual layer format hasn't been released yet so you won't have any problems with that and when they are released there may well be a firmware update to add support for it.

I am looking at getting exactly the same drive myself as as far as I can see it seems to be the best drive around at the mo

  wallbash 22:17 09 Jul 2005

I bought the first' beige one, paid £44. thought it was a bargain then , so at that price , go for it!

Wonderful bit of kit

  bretsky 22:52 09 Jul 2005

Don't know if this is of any use click here

bretsky ;0)

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:26 10 Jul 2005

Bretsky, The NEC looks good but it doesn't have RAM which I would like.

Bearing in mind that anything I burn will only be used by me, is having - dual layer particularly important?

Thanks Tas

  Completealias 00:32 10 Jul 2005

Depends on what your burning I guess, if you have large video files etc then the dual layer will come in handy. The dual layer disks are still quite pricy at the mo I think

  BRYNIT 10:13 10 Jul 2005

I've just purchased the LG GSA4163B (beige) retail from PCworld only £38.76 if ordered via web site and collected from store. If you take into account P&P PCworld is only £3 more and you don't have to wait for the post to arrive.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:22 10 Jul 2005

I'm going to order one.



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