Advice for a dummy - web site hosting?

  tango_jd 14:56 07 Apr 2003

I have a website on my ISP's space - it's fine except for a rubbish WWW address!
I am thinking of buying a "" address but am confused about what I need.

Sol long as visitors to my "" page see my ISP page, I am OK or, I can FTP the files to a new server, whichever is cheaper.

I have seen ads for's for as little as £10 per year - but I assume I need SPACE as well?

Presumably, this costs more and I would end-up paying for my ISP (fixed because I am on their Broadband) AND the new server space?

Is this what a redirection service is? My own but the files actually residing on my usual service?

I seem to have a blind spot on this!
Many thanks

  pj123 19:08 07 Apr 2003

Try click here I have 3 web sites hosted by them. they will register your domain name and host it for you.

  hellred 19:22 07 Apr 2003

You buy a domain name, either or any and your domain can point to your existing site without you having to pay extra for hosting and the can mask the redirect, so the visitor will not be aware of the change of address. Any domain registration site will park your domain on their server and provide catch all e-mail forwarding and point to your site. If you change your mind , you can park your domain anywhere else, so make sure to dont incurr fees for moving the domain later. There are plenty of registration sites!!!

  chris6891 19:22 07 Apr 2003

basically you can either just buy the domain name ( etc) on its own, and it will direct any traffic from that address to ure current one, which u host with ure isp.

alternatively u can do deals, for example 10 pound a month for say 40mb webspace and a domain name etc.

although if your just wanting a short address, try out click here as they offer you free short domains example click here although you to get a small banner pop up as a result, but not bad for free! hope this helps.

  chris6891 19:24 07 Apr 2003

although hellred was quicker then me too point out 1

  Forum Editor 19:24 07 Apr 2003

can be parked with one host and you can change the name server adresses to point to your chosen site host.

This is all a bit clunky though, and if you are intending to run anything more than a 'vanity' site you'll be far better off hosting your domain with a proper hosting company. You shouldn't be paying your ISP anything for server space, so that doesn't enter into the equation.

For around £85 + VAT per year you will be able to get the following service from a professional hosting company:-

50 Mb Server Space,

Virtual Server,

Choice of UNIX or NT Hosting,

Full FTP (UNIX and NT) and Telnet (UNIX only) Access,

1GB Monthly Transfer Limit,

1 POP3 Email Account

Unlimited Email Aliasing

Use of PHP (Unix) or ASP (NT) Scripting

Full CGI-BIN Access, Supporting SSI

Raw Logs and Statistics produced free upon request.

That little lot will enable you to run a proper site and have an email address - [email protected]

  spuds 20:09 07 Apr 2003

Look at click here for website packages and domain names.

  pj123 21:07 07 Apr 2003

In response to what the FE said the host i use will charge £79 including VAT a year to host your site and that includes registering your domain name. go here click here

  Inigo 21:13 07 Apr 2003

click here

Not bad value, although they're an American company. Currently use them for all my websites. For $45 (~£30), they have a package including a domain name. They also have a free 5-day trial...

  beec crump 21:20 07 Apr 2003

I have three w/stes hosted with click here - easy to use q. cheap etc and based in UK (Surrey). Reliable etc.

Ben :-)

  tango_jd 09:28 09 Apr 2003

Many many thanks all - I know it sounds a simple question but unless one actuall goes into these things, it's hard to get to know all the ins and outs.

I will follow up the helpful suggestions.
As it's only a "vanity" site at present, I will probably just go for the basic domain name service.

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