Advice on digital camera playback on dvd player

  Never again 12:44 06 Jun 2005

My friend and I both have Sony DCS-10 digital camaras with a video funstion, which can be played back directly on the tv using the leads supplied.

My friend wants to write his to cd or dvd to play on his domestic dvd player, but has told me that this does not work.

This might seem a very stupid question - but why should that be?

Is it a case of converting the file format to something that can be read by his dvd player connected to his tv?

  pauldonovan 13:24 06 Jun 2005

..all you need is a DVD Writer in the PC (try to make sure that it supports 'all' DVD formats, or at least find out what formats your player supports - mine supported DVD-R but not DVD+R).

You also need some software e.g.

click here

(This is not a recommendation as I haven't tried it, but do some search for "photo to dvd" and ask on here, you'll find something suitable - you may even get some software with your dvd writer).

You take the pictures, transfer them to your PC, then use the software to make a slideshow on DVD and you're done! The format thing is the only question mark really.

  Never again 14:18 06 Jun 2005

We both have cd writers, but not dvd writers.

I think my friend is more interested in copying his video files taken with the camera to view on his pc, but I'm not sure what format these are in as i am at work and the manual is at home.

Do some domestic dvd players play cdr's, and if this is the case then surely all I need is the software to write or convert the format to one that can be understood by the domestic dvd player.

  Never again 14:31 06 Jun 2005

I think that the manual is here, but i am still waiting for it to download

click here

What format is the video likely to be in and what format does it need to be for the domestic dvd player to read it? (and why doesn't it come with windows)

  pj123 14:35 06 Jun 2005

If you only have a CD rewriter you need to copy the files to your hard disk and then burn them to CD as VCD. Should play back on most DVD players.

  Never again 16:13 06 Jun 2005

Does windows have this capacity to burn as vcd?

  pj123 16:33 06 Jun 2005

I am running Win98SE which doesn't have that facility. I use Nero which can be bought from:
click here for £3.49 but probably plus postage.

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