Advice on Dell and Windows 7

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 17:28 29 Jun 2010

I have loaded windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 3000 (quite an old machine). Now, the display is only giving an 800x600 reslution. I discover that the chipset for the video graphics uses the Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 version and neither Dell not Intel have a driver for windows 7 (gulp!).

The display would be OK at 800x600 except that windows are larger than the screen area. I have tried to find a setting that brings it all inside the boundary beu no luck.

Any advice appreciated as to how to get better display.

  malgall 20:04 29 Jun 2010

is there a vista driver
if so try that

Sadly no.

Would it be the only way to get a PCI graphics that has a W7 driver and do it that way? Other suggestions welcome.

  Ashrich 23:55 29 Jun 2010

I take it you mean a Dimension 3000 .....


Yes sorry, well spotted. Still looking for a solution though as it's a bit difficult looking at the screen with a lot of detail "off screen".

  Ashrich 21:02 30 Jun 2010

The GeForce 9500gt is probably the best PCI graphics card out there , but finding one for sale in the Uk is proving difficult ....


Well, I got a GF8400GS from Dabs (£45) and it installed perfectly with windows 7 (no cd driver install needed but I installed it anyway). I have to say I find W7 pretty resilient for installation. I've just ordered two more for our other PCs.

The only thing is that moving windows around the screen is a bit jerky (but not such to be annoying). Anyone any ideas why that might be (apart from this is an old PC Dell Dimension 3000 with 2GByte RAM?

  sherwoodsolns 17:42 01 Jul 2010

I would use a driver backup utility before you install windows 7 - backup the drivers for xp or vista - whichever you are migrating from to another drive, usb stick or optical media. Then install seven and use the backup folder to install all the drivers causing issues - you can force windows to accept non-seven approved drivers and they do work - preserving your existing architecture.

The jerky screen is from gfx issues - try tweaking performance settings to not show windows contents when moving - this will cure this.

  Ashrich 19:26 01 Jul 2010

Moving windows around the screen is a bit jerky due to the content of the frame being moved compared to the speed of the data travelling through a relatively slow PCI slot .


Great suggestions, thanks.

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