advice on Dell with on site repair ??

  Ikelos 17:06 10 Jun 2006

Hi, friend of mine got a Dell Desktop PC, mind you, have had it for more than two weeks now and it is still in the box, no, i do not know either. anyway, when I helped them order it, to keep the cost down I said scrub the 3 year thingy, they have just got an email asking if they want £80 worth of on site repair for 3 years, they have ask me if they should, so i will ask all on here, is it worth it? and, am i right in thinking it is just for hardware faults.


  Diodorus Siculus 17:08 10 Jun 2006

As you imply, it all depends on what is covered by the warranty - generally speaking if it runs ok for the first few days, it will be fine after that.

  Ikelos 17:10 10 Jun 2006

thanks, i thought I read somehwere it was only hardware faults...but the second bit of your post makes sense.....

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