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  mattr1979 08:15 07 Mar 2008

I have a registered domain and hosting service through fasthosts, with that i am given 'sitebuilder' tools to build and create a website. My problem is i haven't done this before and I am a completely useless at this sort of thing.

The site will be used for my business, purely as reference point, nothing more. However it will need to have a professional and corporate feel to it. I'm concerned that if i do this myself it will look amateurish.

My question is should i bring someone in to do this for me or can anyone offer me advice to help increase my confidence enough for me to do it myself?

I have been quoted £600 for a professional webdesign - is that good, bad???

  MAJ 09:15 07 Mar 2008

"My question is should i bring someone in to do this for me or can anyone offer me advice to help increase my confidence enough for me to do it myself?"

As you are running a business, I assume you don't have a lot of free time 'just lying around'? If that's the case, then it might be more economical for you to get someone else to do it for you, make sure to see a portfolio of their work though, there are a lot of well-meaning amateurs around with little design experience. Is the couple of days it will take to get it up and running worth £600 to you? Make sure you have the option to view the site and have some input on the site before you pay for it.

On the other hand, if you have the time and the inclination to do it yourself, go ahead, it can be great fun, a good learning experience and you'll get a lot of satisfaction when you see your own creation up and running on the web.

Have a look at the websites of businesses similar to your own, see how they look and work, then try to replicate how they were created. Look around the web, you'll get plenty of ideas, but don't go overboard, in web design, a lot of the time less is more.

If you get stuck, just start a thread here and ask for help, there are a lot of knowledgeable people here, only too willing to help.

  mattr1979 09:26 07 Mar 2008

Thanks for your reply, it's appreciated.

You're right, i dont have a lot of free time however i am prepared to find time. I work long hours anyway, so a few more wont kill me...i hope.

The quote has come from someone i have used in the past for a company i helped set up a few years ago so i am satisfied to the quality of the work. That being said, it is a new start business for me and with all the other costs i have from finance facilities to insurance i would like to try and cut the costs where possible as long as it wont have too much of an negative impact on the quality of the website.

As i said, my site will only be used as a basic referance point for my customers. A brief insight to what my company is about, products services offered and contact details. I dont need anything fancy.

To put all this together without it looking tacky would the site builder tool i have been given do a respectable job or would i need any other website building tools?

  MAJ 09:44 07 Mar 2008

The site builders will take a lot of the work out of creating the site, mattr1979, usually it's just a case of you deciding on the look of the site by choosing a pre-defined template, then what pictures, colours, text, links, etc. you want on it.
Thay can produce some very good looking results, depending on your own design flair. The best thing to do, might be to create a page using the site-builder, when you're happy with the look of it, upload it to your host and let the experts here take a look at it. They will give you pointers on how you can make it look and operate better (if it needs any improvement).

  CodeMeister 11:31 07 Mar 2008

"I have been quoted £600 for a professional webdesign - is that good, bad???"

It all depends on the complexity of the website, the level of user interactivity, whether or not it has a database and the scope of work that is included within the quotation.

  Patr100 14:26 07 Mar 2008

as you say, if you want your site purely as a "reference point" ie without any selling done online or complex interactions - then you could very likely use the sitebuilder to produce a reasonable looking template based static presence - If that's all you need and have the time I'd also suggest you have a go yourself and see how it looks. If you want later, we'd be delighted to take a look at it.

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