Advice on celeron processors please.

  Never again 21:11 04 Jul 2005

I never like to throw things away, and so I have a small collection of socket 370 celeron processors from pc's that I have meddled with or rescued (from skips, etc) at some time or other, as well as some other pc bits, which actually came in useful today as I replaced my broken power supply for free and fitted an additional case fan.

My daughter has a compaq pressario with a 500 celeron which looks different from the other celeron chips that I have.

her chip is blackish with a lot of silver, and from the top its core is large. The underneath is plain black with intel celeron printed on it.

The other celerons I have are green with a smaller blueish core, and the underneaths have some electronics bits on the underside of the core.

Both have the same pin configuration from what I can see.

They seem to be imcompatible for upgrading, as I have attempted some swaps in the past.

I know that different motherboards support different processors and not others, but should these chips be interchangeable?

I await your enlightenment please.

  dan11 22:31 04 Jul 2005

From what I can remember, celeron 370 should come in two flavours. The PPGA ( plastic pin grid array )older type, and the fc-pga ( flip chip pin grid array). I think the PPGA went up to about 500Mz and the fc-pga went to around 666Mhz.

The problem may be that the older chips worked on a core voltage of 2.0v, while the newer one just worked on 1.5v.

They should all run on the 66Mhz bus, but the architecture is also different. The older model was based on .25 micron and the newer 0.18 micron.

So if you are trying to use a newer 370 chip in an older board, it probably will not work due mainly to the difference in voltage. You would have to match up each chip to each motherboard. That would mean studying the manuals.

Did you manage to get a few beers out of the last one? ;-)

  dan11 23:20 04 Jul 2005
  Stuartli 00:40 05 Jul 2005

Your memory is not very good...:-)

I have an Elite P6BXT-A+ motherboard (now replaced by a slightly newer Gigabyte board) that was the first in the world to accommodate both Socket 370 Celeron and Slot1 Pentium CPUs.

I used a Celeron 400MHz CPU for some time before being given a Slot1 Pentium 550MHz Katmai CPU.

The Elite was produced to handle CPUs up to 850MHz or so in the future but, as most know, Intel switched to the FC-PGA format, so most people bought one of the Socket 370 adapters that catered for the lower voltage required.

However, I bought a PentiumIII FC-PGA 886MHz thinking it would work in the Socket 370 adapter and, of course, it wouldn't because it couldn't handle the voltage; it would have done with a Socket 370 to Slot1 adapter.

Hence the Gigabyte motherboard replacement along with a 1GB FC-PGA version of the PentiumIII (it came at a very good price with the unused, though comparatively ancient, motherboard).

So if anyone's interested in a PentiumIII Socket 370 886Mhz CPU, an incredibly stable Elite motherboard or a Socket 370 adapter you know where to go...:-)

  Stuartli 00:45 05 Jul 2005

You can find out about the Celeron CPUs you have at:

click here

Could be worth a selling spree on e-Bay - CPUs always fetch surprisingly high prices whatever their age.

  Stuartli 00:48 05 Jul 2005

I've still to come across a skip containing the odd CPU or so...:-(

  Never again 10:18 05 Jul 2005

Stuartli - skip foraging is an alleged hobby of mine - as is asking people for thier old bits and pc rubbish marked for destruction - I can't help it, but I think that I'll take your advice on ebay as I now have 3 boxes at work and 2 at home of various bits. my latest purchase on ebay was a pc for £1 which I salvaged a 250w power supply, floppy drive, cdrom, ribbon cables and screws from.

Dan11 - yes -a very happy friend and a few beers as a bonus, and 3 golf balls.

I am now suitably educated.

Thank you both.

  Stuartli 12:48 05 Jul 2005

So you are going to become a Celeron e-Bay...:-))

  Pidder 18:21 05 Jul 2005

I like it!

  Never again 15:51 06 Jul 2005

bad pun of the year prize to you.

I'm glad that this is a remote forum - I don't know if I could suffer like that every day in work :-)))

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