Advice on Case/CPU cooling for Athlon 2800+

  AragornUK 20:38 14 Dec 2003

Hi all.

After my previous PC died, I'm now running an XP2800+ with 1 CD-RW and 3 x 40GB drives (already had 2 and aquired a 3rd cheap). As a result of all this hardware (not to mention a 128MB graphics card with onboard heatsink, but no fan) the CPU idles by at 52° - 57°C depending on usage, with case temp up at 43°C.

Now I realise that these sort of temps aren't unusual, nor even necessarily damaging but I would like to cool it down a bit. I'm not running any intensive progs at the minute, so am a bit concerned where the temps will go when I start running some image editing software or burning CDs etc.

I have 1 additional 8cm case fan in addition to the CPU fan, but have no more free connectors on the MoBo for any more fans. I am ideally looking to changing the CPU heatsink/fan if easy/appropriate or adding case / HDD cooling fans powered by the PSU (400W).

So, anyone got any recommendations as to makes & retailers of this equipment? I was thinking along the lines of an exhaust fan and 1 maybe 2 of the 3 fan HDD coolers mounted in the spare 5.25" bays. Anyone with experience of these items feel free to advise. Noise isn't too much of an issue, as long as it doesn't start to sound like I'm living under an airport.

Thanks in advance.

  Jester2K II 20:48 14 Dec 2003
  AragornUK 21:19 14 Dec 2003

Cheers Jester2K II

Will look through those over the next couple of days. Any experience of additional cooling accessories at all?

Also, how difficult is it to change the CPU cooler after installation without damaging the CPU? The supplied thermal paste was applied to the CPU die before installation of heatsink, so is there an issue with adhesion damage? If so, I assume that going more towards case cooling as opposed to CPU will be the better way to go?

Ok... the 5.25" Drive bay cooler's thathave 3 or 4 fan's in can get noisey after a while.

Look for coolermaster gear, that is very good. also some fans come with temperature sensor's that speed up/down the fan according to temperature.

If you buy 3 pin fan's a bit of equipment i recommend is a digidoc available from that allows you to monitor 8 fan's and temperature's in your case.

Also think about round IDE cables to improve air flow.

As for the CPU fan if you decide to replace your fan, take the CPU, get some nail polish remover and a soft lint free cloth and clean the CPU and especially the main bit that sticks out!

Then get somethnig like artic silver 3 place a small amount onto it and spread it thinly onto both CPU and heatsink then place all back together carefully.

  [email protected] E 21:41 14 Dec 2003

I have the same processor and use a Thermal Take 7 fan my cpu runs at 36-40%.

  InZaNE_mOdS 22:03 14 Dec 2003

i have same cpu also, with two case fans and heatsink and fan specified for the 2800 and mine runs on average 49 degrees.

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