Advice on a/c adaptor for Sony Vaoi

  purplemyrtle 18:21 13 Feb 2012

Hello, my daughter has been sent a replacement charger for her Sony Vaio from Currys. It wouldn't fit into her laptop and the ampage was different from the original one. She phoned them and they've said that they'll send her an adaptor that will fit the power pack but she's worried about the ampage being different. Apparently the lady she spoke to checked with someone who told her that as long as the voltage is the same, the ampage won't matter?

Just wondering if anyone can advise on this please?

The old charger Ampage was - Input 1.3, Output 3.9 The new one is - Input 1.5 amp, Output 4.7

The voltage on both is 100-240 input; 19.5 output

Many thanks!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:42 13 Feb 2012

The voltage is what matters, amperage the bigger the better the battery will draw whatever current it needs to charge it, bigger available output means less strain on the power adaptor.

The DC jack plug must be the correct size or it either will not fit a loose connection can cause overheating at the Plug/ socket.

  purplemyrtle 20:23 13 Feb 2012

Thanks very much FruitBat. Will pass the info on to my daughter.

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