Advice on buying TFT monitor

  Longsightboy 11:24 12 Mar 2004

Hi, I hope someone can help me out here.

I want to buy a TFT monitor to compliment the new system I've built, ideally, I'd like a 17" monitor but would consider a 15" one if the 17's are out of my price range (£350) tops.

I would like to know what to look out for as regards resolutions, input connectors, reponse times & brightness and contrast ratios.

I would only use it for the odd game or two mostly I would use it for internet use, digital photo editing & DVD/Music ripping

Any sites or individual comments welcomed.

Cheers, Longsightboy

  Longsightboy 11:44 12 Mar 2004

Is a DVI connector better than a D-SUB connector?

  ThePharcyde007 11:45 12 Mar 2004

I personally purchased a Samsung Syncmaster 152V from Office World which was £20 cheaper than anywhere else net included concidering P&P applies for net purchases. Its only a 15" with a response time of 25 M/S which I have not encountered any problems with distortion and it also looks nice mounted on the wall with a bracket I got from Ebay for £29.99 totally satisfied also have NXT speakers which i got from PC world for 19.99 which sets it all off nicely.

  byfordr 11:58 12 Mar 2004

click here Reasonable response time

click here

Do some research. Find something you like. Then had a sniff around the price comparison sites.

click here click here click here click here

Hope this helps


  anchor 12:22 12 Mar 2004

Read the reviews certainly, but the best advice I can give is to actually see the monitor working, and judge for yourself.

When I was looking at the end of last year, I found that one highly recommended brand was, (in my opinion), inferior to the one I eventually bought. Admittedly, my main concern was quality of photographs.

See before you buy!.

  jim1947 13:54 12 Mar 2004

click here and register before 21/03/04 for a ten per cent off voucher by return e-mail. Did this and saved £52.00 on a CTX 17 inch V730M monitor. Works great.

  Secret Simile 13:57 12 Mar 2004

You should definitely be able to get a 17" for £350...

I have an LG one they no longer make (model 782 i believe) and it's ace. You'll never go back to CRT!

One thing to note is that TFT's have a 'home' resolution and using it on anything else will make the screen look blurry. Most 15" screens home to 1024x768, most 17" to 1280x1024. If you go into a shop and they show you a 17" running at 1024x768 it will look absolute rubbish but don't be fooled... of course most shops of quality (no comment but *cough* not PCW) will be able to show you what it look like at the 'correct' size.

Sorry if they duplicates anything anyone else has said... i'm at work and I've actually had to do something for the last hour...

  byfordr 15:53 12 Mar 2004
  Rayuk 18:39 12 Mar 2004

click here for what to look out for in a tft and for a selection and advise on some actual models
click here

  Secret Simile 18:42 12 Mar 2004

Funnily enough... this is the replacement for the one I have (it's "782LE" for the sake of self-correction) - thus highly recommended. I did say £350 would be more than enough... but the below price lasts until Monday at 9am.

click here

Have fun...

  SEASHANTY 19:44 12 Mar 2004

...and the Forum Editors choice of a 17 inch TFT was
click here
See the thread about five up from the end one.

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