advice on buying a gaming laptop

  Josh Scrivens 00:05 26 Jul 2018

Hi there i am currently looking for advice on buying a gaming laptop i don't really know to much about them unfortunately. i have not owned one in a long while so im a little bit rusty on the specs and such. i have a budget of about 1000-1500 (at a push)

i would appreciate any advice or help if possible i have also heard evga are a good make to get?

thank you very much

  [DELETED] 00:31 26 Jul 2018

Assuming £1000 to £1500 (at a push) then go for the nearest you can afford to the top end. Being biased I, personally, wouldn't buy a Dell or Toshiba today. Possibly wouldn't buy an MSI machine either. Hey-Ho.

  Josh Scrivens 00:41 26 Jul 2018

i have no idea what an msi is but ill take your opinion and avoid those 3. however how would i know which top end to get? they all seems good in there own right for different games. you wouldn't happen to know the best way to compare them would you? my other option would be to build one maybe?

  wee eddie 01:22 26 Jul 2018

Building a Laptop is not an option

  wee eddie 01:23 26 Jul 2018

What part of the world are you based

  Josh Scrivens 01:44 26 Jul 2018

I am based in the uk. May I ask why building isn't an option. Thank you for getting back to me

  wee eddie 02:01 26 Jul 2018

I'll leave it to someone else to explain why building a Laptop is not an reasonable option.

There is a review page on this site which covers Gaming Laptops, have a look at that

  [DELETED] 02:07 26 Jul 2018

Have you ever dismantled a laptop? Unless you mean getting a laptop bespoke.

  [DELETED] 02:09 26 Jul 2018
  Josh Scrivens 08:39 26 Jul 2018

Bespoke? And nope never dismantled. Laptop before I like the look of that one thanks for the link

  wee eddie 12:28 26 Jul 2018

Back Home now. Check out this link best-gaming-laptops-2018

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