Advice On Building a PC.

  ste1403 19:35 13 May 2010

ive recently set my self the challenge of building myself a pc good enough to play the newest games but im not wanting to spend a huge amount of money on it. I will be wanting to upgrade it every couple of years to keep up to date with the latest games. I have a basic idea of what i need but a lot of the websites that offer advice on building a budget pc are out of date. My knowledge of the hardware required and whats compatible with what is not the best, so i was just wandering if anyone can offer me any advice, tips or any websites that i may not have came across.

  littlephoenix 19:47 13 May 2010

how much are you willing to spend?
your best bet is to go and purchase yourself a PC that has good memory, good HD and mobo from say Frys electronics for about 600$ and on the side buy a nice gaming video card, nvidia 9800 or something, swap the cards from your new PC and you have yourself a nice gaming PC ;)

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  ste1403 19:48 13 May 2010

i forgot to add some hardware that i have in mind.
can you please let me know if these are anygood or if im making a mistake.
CPU AMD Athlon II X4 620 $99

Motherboard Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2
Patriot 4GB DDR2/800

Videocard Sapphire Radeon HD 5770

Hard drive
Seagate 500GB Barracuda 7200.12

Optical drive
Samsung SH-S223C

Rosewill R220

Power supply
Cooler Master RS-460

Operating system
Windows 7 Home Premium OEM

  ste1403 19:50 13 May 2010

probably looking to spend around £600-700 at most.
Im not really wanting to to buy a pc as i want to build one from scratch mainly for ego purposes haha. Plus it will give me more knowledge of how pc's work. Thanx anyway

  MAT ALAN 20:56 13 May 2010

click here

probably looking to spend around £600-700 at most.

NO NEED.....

click here
click here

these links are a tad more helpfull

click here

sourceing your parts might be a little more stressfull, the link may help to start...

  ste1403 22:03 13 May 2010

thanks for those links, ive added them to favourites and will have a good look through them over next few days.

what do you think of the parts ive found so far in my earlier post, think the total for them was about £500.

  Algerian peter 22:05 13 May 2010

I've just put one together tonight.

asus p6 mobo
intel core i7 2.66ghz
acrtic cooler
geforce gtx 260 2
6gig of ddr3 memory
1 terabyte sata300
1 dvd writer
good quality case
windows xp pro ( already have )
windows 7

for £800.

It will run anything.

  ste1403 22:09 13 May 2010

haha that top link is probably what my computer will end up like.

  ste1403 22:23 13 May 2010

but i think thats a bit out of my price range, dont want to spend to much on it just yet because i can easily upgrade in a year or so, rather save a bit of money for a new tv for the bedroom that i can use for monitor as well.

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