Advice on BroadBand Please

  eljanno 15:58 14 Jul 2006

I am currently running blueyonder 10mg internet conection costing £35 per month I have been told that If I reduce the conection speed I wont notice a lot of difference and could save myself £10 if I go to 4mg or even £18 if I go to the 2mb.
Has anyone any advise on this please I dont download stuff like music or things like that.


  Stuartli 16:04 14 Jul 2006

For basic surfing and downloading utilities, programs, updates etc 2MB is more than fast enough for most people.

  Strawballs 16:27 14 Jul 2006

I have just been upgraded from 2MB to 4MB with NTL (at no extra charge) and to be quite honest I have hardly noticed a difference

  woodchip 16:33 14 Jul 2006

I am on a 1mb and it's fast for me even downloading programs etc

  ade.h 16:35 14 Jul 2006

Blue Yonder; that's Telewest isn't it? I hope your £35 includes a TV and phone package, otherwise that's daylight robbery when 8Mbits can be had for £15 from ADSL providers.

  eljanno 16:37 14 Jul 2006

no thats just for the Blueyonder BB no phone ect

  pickle factory 18:08 14 Jul 2006

Just gone from 1Mb to 'up to 8Mb' with Plusnet. As with Strawballs, no difference browsing, downloads are faster from sites that can give faster, but otherwise no huge difference as I'm also not a big dowloader. Incidently, I'm paying 15.99/mth from Plusnet for 8Mb. With 4Gb bandwidth.I'm a happy bunny.

  Diversion 20:25 14 Jul 2006

I've just signed up with Talk-Talk for £23 per month free landline calls in UK & 23 countries including the USA and Canada, and the 8MB broadband is free for life. But you have a one off payment of £29 for your broadband connection, and you have a usage of 40GB per month. I don't think that's bad at all, considering today’s prices. And also Orange Mobile for monthly contract payers is also offering free broadband.

  VoG II 20:30 14 Jul 2006

The difference is that with blueyonder 10 meg means 10 meg as near as makes no difference. There's practically no contention, at least where I am.

If you just use it for general surfing though, eljanno, you won't notice a lot of difference. If you spend a lot of time on forums refreshing pages and/or you do a lot of downloading then you will, in my experience.

  eljanno 22:03 14 Jul 2006

I have down graded to the 2meg pack and to be honset I cannot see a difference, I dont spen time in forums nor download stuff apart from updates etc

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