Advice appreciated on new build

  frybluff 23:31 16 Jul 2012

I have been around the block (a few times), in spec-ing a new system for both gaming, and video editing (don't laugh). I would appreciate any observations, particularly on any incompatabilities, but also any alternatives. Better AND cheaper would be really good, but better, for minimal extra cost, is also good.

I have limited options for suitable GPU, but nothing else is written in stone.



INTEL i7-3770K CPU O.C. TO APROX 4.3 GHz









AKASA AK-ICR-14 CARD READER (may just get external one)



Know some items may be OTT, but as first build, probably good idea to play safe (eg case size). Any help/advice much appreciated. Not yet decided on keyboard (wired vs wireless).

  KRONOS the First 07:41 17 Jul 2012

Case: Unless you are thinking of over-clocking then in my opinion this is a little large, I had something similar and added castors to it just to move the dam thing. I have downsized to the Corsair 300R and the Lian li PC8FIB and the Fractal Core 1000 all are a nice size for my ATX components but more importantly I can move them easily.

Monitor: This is an excellent choice, I have just given mine to my better half after upgrading to the 2711. The Dell's are fantastic monitors.I have an Acer as a secondary monitor and there is no comparison in quality, sharpness of image, colour reproduction,connections and adjustability.

Good choice and size of SSD. I have this size and still have around 50% free.

I am not convinced of the benefits of Ivy Bridge but that is a personal choice.

I assume that you are using Win 7 64BIT, even so, unless you really will need the 16GB or RAM,half that would probably be ample.

Good choice of cooler,I have the Antec Kühler 920 as it was on offer and comes with a three year warranty. They are both excellent coolers and very quiet.

PSU.fine, good and reliable brand.

  frybluff 12:08 17 Jul 2012


Thanks for that. Did think I was probably being a bit paranoid over case size, but difficult to judge, with a first (and possibly last) self build, how much "space" is really necessary. Do want, at least, the SCOPE to overclock (I doubt I'll be able to resist a "dabble", but only modestly. I won't have any money left to replace "molten" components), and graphics card a bit of a monster (over 11"), but certainly take your advice, if you think I'm worrying unecessarily. Hadn't even thought about weight, but good point.

Ivybridge was almost "toss of a coin", but seems MARGINALLY better, for little extra cost, and MAY be more "future proof"

I will need 16GB of RAM eventually for video, but may well just get 8, for moment. Was a bit concerned I was making best choice of RAM, as don't profess to fully understand RAM specs.

Planning to get Win 7 Pro, which I presume I'll need to use RAM.

Would appreciate anyone's opinion on whether a wireless keyboard is a good idea. Have only used wired, so really no idea.

  KRONOS the First 12:24 17 Jul 2012

Wireless will of course mean a slower connection than wired and more prone to connection loss.

I have used ATX motherboards in all my builds and initially went for big cases usually with a windowed side as I did like my LED fans and the like but it always struck me as how empty the insides of the case looked. I did used to go for the big heat-sink to try and make the case look a little less empty but it never worked. I hear what you say about GPU's and there size but I assure you that 11" is about average and all my cases can handle that size,though the Core might be a tad tight.

I see you have gone for the slowest RAM your board can handle was that a choice or?

As for the weight issue, I seem to be in and out of my cases fairly often and moving some of the larger ones became a real issue, so definitely take that in to consideration. What you should be looking for in a case is decent air-flow and big does not necessarily mean better in that department.

  frybluff 14:31 17 Jul 2012

I did say I didn't fully understand RAM specs. Did I get it wrong?


I noted that mobo fully supports 1600 and 1333, obviously higher the better. It also lists higher frequencies, all the way up to 2600MHz, but each with the suffix (O.C.). I thought I read that meant they were supported, but could only be FULLY utilised with adequate overclocking. Whilst I will overclock, modestly, I expect, I presumed there wasn't a lot of point getting faster RAM, that was going to deliver minimal benefits.

Is it, in fact, the case that faster RAM will always deliver faster, just not up to the "max", unless I overclock, "adequately". If that's the case, is there a simple way to judge how "far to go up", in frequency, before there really becomes no point, going any further.

Thanks for your help, and sorry to be a pain.

  KRONOS the First 15:27 17 Jul 2012

Nothing wrong with your choice of ram, but have you looked at your motherboards memory Qualified Vendor List? Here. But you are quite right most of your compatible ram is dependant on over-clocking the CPU. So I would stick to your choice as you are unlikely to see much difference in any higher RAM capability.

PS: You are not a pain,if you do not ask questions how will you learn.

  KRONOS the First 15:54 17 Jul 2012

It posted before I could finish, I meant to add that answering questions also broadens my knowledge. I must admit RAM is not an area I am particularly knowledgeable about.

  frybluff 16:24 17 Jul 2012

I must confess my selection process was: look at QVL at the 1600 level, that I more or less assumed was the fastest I could reliably use. Then as I know Corsair are OK (I don't know if any better), pick a sensible looking one, and check reviews on it. Highly scientific!!

I've looked, but can't find, anywhere that explains (in english) how you determine what frequency is actually useable, for what level of OC. Presumably, with modest OC, I could use SLIGHTLY higher speed RAM, but....?

  KRONOS the First 16:48 17 Jul 2012

What would you consider a modest over-clock? I see that you have mentioned 4.3Ghz which from the original 3.5Ghz is modest. Which is a little less than my i5 2500k running at 4.5Ghz with 1600Mhz RAM with timings of 9-9-9-24.So I would save leave your RAM choice as it is.

But to be honest I would fire myself over to the Bit-Tech forums and pose your RAM questions there. The guys are really clued up on their over-clocking etc. You will certainly your answers there.

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