Advice from any B.T. Broadband users

  23790954 21:49 11 Jul 2007

Once again I have been badly let down by Tiscali Broadband. On Monday 9th July 2007 their service was down ALL NIGHT from 6.00pm due to a fault on their part. Add to this that I signed up for a £19.99 8mb broadband package, and my last two monthly bills have been for £39.90 and £29,40 and I have just done a speed check on my system which shows my system is only running at 1mb. I complained to Tiscali about the trouble and they had the cheek to offer me 41pence for my trouble. Anyway I intend changing broadband providers, but as you know selecting a good provider is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have read several good reviews about B.T. and wondered if any of you who use B.T. can advize me on their efficiency, or any problems they might have had.
If all appears o.k. I will give them a try.
Many thanks to all who offer advice.

  citadel 22:04 11 Jul 2007

no trouble with bt. it has only been off once and that due to fault in the wiring in the road at the end of the street.

  Dipso 22:09 11 Jul 2007

Why not try one of the 1 month contract providers e.g. IDNet, Zen, Newnet or ADSL24. If you're not happy you can just migrate to another company.

A few posters on here have gone for ADSL24 click here won't have heard of them but they are a small company that offer UK based support and you will get the speed your line will support.

  audeal 22:14 11 Jul 2007

BT phoned mu up a couple of months ago to inform me that my line had been upgraded to 8mb and would I like to change to BT BB. I did not.

A couple of weeks ago they phoned me again to try to get me to change and when I informed them that my line was still 1mb they ran a check on it and found that I was right. So when I asked them why they had lied to me they could not answer my question. Check your line first to see if you can get what you want or what they offer you.

  €dstowe 22:22 11 Jul 2007

I've been with BT for as long as I can remember. Never had a problem with them. Only very rarely is the service down.

I'm on 8Mb Option 3. I get an uncapped 6 - 7Mb service which I'm quite happy with. Speed drops somewhat evening/night but I'm not bothered about that as my greatest usage is daytime.

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