Advice on adding a 2nd cd/dvdrw please

  Halmer 15:43 23 Aug 2008

Given that my existing one will not burn any more but still plays click here I wondered how easy it is to add a second one below rather than take the old one out and replace it please.

It's not a software issue as far as I can establish as HP have been very helpful trying to sort it.

I have done this a long time ago when RWs first came on the market to supplement a CD reader and recall that it went well.

Having had a look inside my existing Compaq PC though I wouldn't have a clue (I assume that they come with instructions) where to start.

Any advice welcome please.

  ICF 15:58 23 Aug 2008

It's very easy in my case it just involves removing four screws and two leads.
If you get a multi format drive then I would remove the old one and replace it with new one.What kind of connection is it IDE or SATA?

  Jak_1 16:04 23 Aug 2008

It's easy, simply set the jumper on the new drive to slave, slot into the spare drive bay (assuming there is one), screw into position, connect the power lead and the slave part of the ribon cable from the existing DVDRW. Put the side panel back in place, power up and windows should automatically find new hardware.
If your pc is sata, then I have not done it on a sata pc and not sure of the procedure there.

  ICF 16:13 23 Aug 2008

Very easy with SATA no jumpers to set just four screws and two leads power and sata

  Halmer 19:07 23 Aug 2008

There is a spare slot.

I can see a ribbon type cable that goes from the mother board to the drive and a smaller connection as well. I have tried to pull both off without success as I am frightened of breaking something!

How do I know if it's IDE or SATA and what's the difference please?

  Halmer 19:25 23 Aug 2008

Are you saying: -

1 Use the connection that is half way down the existing ribbon cable to plug in the new drive?

2. There should be a small power plug hanging around in the box that I can use? If not how do I get power to it?

How do set the jumper on the new drive to slave? Will there be instructions on how to do this with it?

  ICF 10:20 24 Aug 2008

If it's as you say a ribbon cable then it's IDE.The drive will have a small plastic tab that can be moved on to different pins.The pins will be labelled master slave and cable select.

I would remove the faulty drive and replace it with new Multi format drive.It's no harder to take one out or put one in just the reverse procedure.

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