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Advice on a Adapter for Stair Lift

  Ex plorer 15:53 14 Oct 2017

Hi I need to replace the Adapter on my Stair Lift. The company that supplied and fixed it don’t exist now.

Adapter. Model Maxim MBA482410 I have searched the internet but can’t find it.

So I have searched for the below input output on the Addapter. It’s a AC/AC Adapter input 240v~50Hz Output 24v~1000mA.

The unit is sealed what I mean by that is you can’t plug-into the Adapter.

One of the wires from the Adapter goes to a fused electrical point by the Stair Lift the other wire has the standard jack to plug into the Stair Lift.

The Stair Lift has batteries that will be charged through the Adapter.

So anyone with knowledge of Adapters and where I can get one from or knows of alternate Adapters I would appreciate your reply.

It’s about ten + years old.

  Forum Editor 16:40 14 Oct 2017

You might get a better response to this in the Tech Helproom. I'll move your thread over there now.

  chub_tor 18:06 14 Oct 2017

This adapter in reality is just a step down transformer from 240V mains input to a 24 volt output capable of supplying current of 1 amp. In theory any transformer supplying that power output would do but you should look for one that is sealed and will fit inside the space you have. If you have the skill with a soldering iron you can cut off the special jack plug and solder it on to the leads from the transformer. No polarity is involved as everything is ac. Not a difficult job for a reasonably skilled electrician.

  Ex plorer 12:43 15 Oct 2017

Hi chub_tor Do you know what the correct name is for a sealed wired unit.

Tried using the words, power, line, sealed, stair lift, mains, battery charging, with the word Adapter, and Adapter on its own. Also it’s size all though I can get round this as there is plenty of room.

It’s the three pin plug I would cut off and connect to the fused wall outlet the jack plug goes to the stair lift.

The stair lift has four strips top and bottom so when the chair reaches its two stopping points it charges up the batteries.

If you can point me to a suitable adapter that would do the job as my knowledge is limited.

  Ex plorer 15:03 15 Oct 2017

Hi Lorraine Thanks for the link.

  chub_tor 10:34 16 Oct 2017

Lorraine's link is a good one. As an alternative here is a used one for a Stannah stairlift click here but I am sure that there may be newer ones available, just make sure that the output is 24V and capable of supplying 1 amp.

  Ex plorer 11:40 22 Oct 2017

Hi so any adapters supplying more than 1amp would be suitable AC/AC 24V in that case there are quite a few on the market I have been looking for a 1amp unit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 22 Oct 2017

click here replace the fused spur with a standard 3 pin socket and just plug in if the DC plug is correct.

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