Advice about using mac programs on windows

  cheesewheelcraftsman 07:50 08 May 2017

I really only have probably below medium level knowledge of computer things, so perhaps this is a foolish question, but I am just looking for informations..

But basically, has anyone tried any variation of those ways to run mac os on a windows computer ? (like for example what’s shown here- click here ,, stuff like this - click here ,, just that sort of thing in general, etc.)

Like mostly,

  1. Does it actually work?

  2. Is there any big reason not to do it?

  3. Can it be harmful to your computer?

  4. Is there anything really important to know before I do something like that which is not often mentioned in tutorials or something? (such as a common issue many people have, a big downside, etc.)

  5. Is it illegal (since I'm technically not buying an actual mac)? Like is there a possibility of police coming after me or etc.?

I never really used macs much , and still (from my experience with them) would never want a mac as my primary computer but, I had taken a few creative classes in school where we used them and I've been looking for free programs that compare to them, but none of them seem to be very equivalent.

So then I thought I could just try to find those programs for windows, but of course they don't have like, garageband for windows and stuff, so I thought it may just be easier to do something like what is shown in the examples above

(or just have one mac for videos/music and one main computer for everything else that is windows but, I don't have the sort of money to own two new and functional computers simultaneously lmao (especially since macs are so expensive))

So anyway, I am just wanting to, maybe find people who have done that sort of thing before, or are very knowledgeable of it?

It seems simple and I've researched it a bit, but I'm always afraid that maybe since I'm not that knowledgeable on things like this that there could be some massive downside that I'm blissfully unaware of due to lack of expertise and then I will mess things up.

So like has anyone done the stuff in the examples before and it worked out fine for them?

Are there any big reasons that it's bad or problems you discovered afterward? etc. etc. ?

Sorry again if this isn't even worth asking lol, I just really want to be informed about it before I do it.. I've read many tutorials and stuff but couldn't find a lot of personal experiences or opinions so I thought I should ask actual humans just as a precaution.

Hope everyone has a nice day!

  Archonar 08:45 08 May 2017

It is possible, but the big reason not to do it is that it is illegal. Apple do not condone the use of these OS versions, MacOS is for Macs only therefore you would be breaking copyright law by running it on a windows machine. Whether or not you go for it is up to you, but I don't think we can provide advice on how to do something that is in breach of copyright law. The Forum Editor might be able to shed some light on forum policy.

  cheesewheelcraftsman 09:55 08 May 2017

Ahh, oops!!

Yeah that was part of what I wanted to know is if it was really bad, as like most of the people talking about doing it seemed very matter of fact about it and not like, as if they were really discouraging or cautious about it.

If it helps though , technically I'm not asking advice on HOW to do something illegal or wanting anyone to teach me lol,, I'm more saying like.. has someone done this before and did it work out for them, as in like, the action is already done?

So in that case maybe it's still okay to answer my original questions, as I'm more looking for purely personal experiences, and not How To style advice. Then you're not really helping me do something illegal but more just discussing,, idk, your personal knowledge on the subject.

But I understand if people wouldn't feel comfortable answering lol!

I have pretty bad anxiety myself so if it's really like that then I'd probably be too paranoid in the first place but it's just weird how like, I hadn't seen tutorials start off with "hey guys this is illegal by the way" so I wonder why if it's that bad nobody says anything... Now I'm afraid someone is going to come after me and murder me or something just for googling it in the first place..

ANYWAY,, if it is too illegal to talk about or something and nobody is comfortable giving their personal experience, that's fine!!

but IF that is the case, then does anyone know any alternatives?? Like, my relative does have a really old mac mini that hardly works anymore, could I like somehow connect that to my current windows computer? the problem with the mac mini is it just has hardly any ability to process things , like everything is slow and hard to work with and it's like 10 years old or something, but my newer computer is faster.. like if I could somehow have the performance speed of my current computer but... the programs and etc. of the mac..

or are there legitimate ways to just download Apple programs and run them on windows that aren't just weird fake viruses? Or like ways to lift apps from mac computers (like the mac mini, which my family owns, so it's technically a legal copy) and like,, put them on your windows computer and have them be able to run?

or is it more just... a ..."if you don't either have the money to just buy two computers or the gall to do something vaguely possibly illegal because of your anxiety, then what you need is just impossible" type situation?

Sorry again if this is not okay or the questions are silly, I just really don't know enough about this stuff and am trying to find some sort of solution for my situation

  Jollyjohn 09:58 08 May 2017

Apart from Garageband, what programs are you looking for?

I found these alternatives to garageband - click here and with Audacity - click here That pretty much covers music.

  cheesewheelcraftsman 11:12 08 May 2017

I need to be able to edit videos and music, so garageband and iMovie basically.

But I don't have much money (or else I wouldn't even have this problem lol, i'd just buy a mac) so they have to be FREE or like, maybe $5 - $10 at most

For garage-band alternative it needs to have a similar layout, same instrument editing options, an existing sound inventory and like instruments that do not have to be paid extra for or added on in some complicated way, and simple audio recording where you can have multiple recordings on top of each other (like I have a lot of choir type like a capella type stuff so the most important thing is multiple voice tracks that are very easy to edit but still with extensive options of stuff to do to them).

I really am not making beats or doing any big digital music stuff, I mostly just want to be able to have sounds to play my on keyboard and a bunch of different voice recording options.

iMovie alternative also needs SIMILAR LAYOUT (like,, windows movie maker and iMovie type layout, I've tried some alternatives that are organized nothing like that at all), doesn't really reduce quality, a lot of options for putting on captions and music, really easy greenscreen (like how imovie is just basic drag and drop), etc etc. Simple layout and design but you can still do a varied amount of stuff with it.

windows movie maker would actually be fine if it just had more options and better quality voiceover stuff.

For a lot of the alternatives I looked up (for both programs) they seemed either way too simple (like basic cut and edit video but you can't do much more, or basic audio recording but not a lot of other options like instruments), OR they were overly complex with a unintuitive layout and huge learning curve, or they were just incompatible with like microphones I had or something..

I just want like, something simple and easy to pick up on and use but like, still with some amount of quality and variety in the things you can do.

Out of the examples you gave, mixcraft looks the most similar to garage band and what I'm maybe looking for but it's like $80 something lol.. I already tried LMMS and it didn't work for me. I didn't try any others in that list, either because I would feel bad to try a free trial and really like it but then know I can never actually afford the program lol or due to incompatibilities with the layout/info stated when describing them.

I like audacity generally I guess but it doesn't have instrument sounds I don't think (at least the last time I tried to use it) or options for that sort of thing were I to need to use it (sometimes songs are all just voice but there's a huge variety so instruments are needed)

Visual layout is very important to me I think because I already have trouble organizing and processing things especially on a screen and with my eyesight so when these things have like a million little hidden menus or things to drag onto the screen and knobs and stuff it's really a lot harder for me,

but it's also seeming difficult to find a balance between 'Very Simple Looking On The Surface With Easy Layout , Completely Free, and Also Can Do A Lot More Detailed Variety Of Things If You Need It To'

Which is why I was even willing to entertain weirder options, since I've been down most 'Free Alternatives To __' lists and just can't seem to find anything, unless there's some that I happened to miss or that are too obscure to be added to lists like that

I just want to work on my varied types of projects without having to switch between multiple programs or spend months learning a complicated editor or sell my organs for computer money, I was hoping somehow if I just look enough I could come across a simpler solution

But yeah if anyone has any recommendation of programs or like ways to connect a mac with a windows computer or take apps from them (legally) or something.. then... I'm open to just about anything. I am exhausted of the situation

  Jollyjohn 12:55 09 May 2017

Have you considered the Linux option? Initially you could install VirtualBox on your Windows PC and then install Linux as a Virtual PC to try. Once you find a Linux distro you like you can install it as a Dual Boot option.

You will still need to look for the apps you want but at least all the apps on Linux are free.

  wee eddie 14:18 09 May 2017

I don't know but, although Apple and Microsoft have created ways for Windows based programs to run on a Mac. I don't think that Microsoft has done the opposite.

One of, but not the only, reason that Macs are more expensive than PCs is that you get a number of (actually) useful pieces of software included. How much do you think a Windows PC would cost if it included a full version of M$ Office

  cheesewheelcraftsman 03:09 11 May 2017

Sorry for taking a while to reply!

About Linux: I don't know much about them.. do they have very similar programs to garageband or imovie? Like would that come with creative apps and stuff already there? or is it the same thing as windows where I'd have to look and try out a bunch of things which are maybe hit and miss.. ,, Is linux more comparable to apple in that sense than windows is?

  Jollyjohn 15:32 12 May 2017

Linux has all sorts of apps available - including LMMS - but if that doesn't work for you then there may be others. The main thing is they are all free, as is Linux. There are lots of flavours (or Distro's) of Linux available. The most popular, and therefore the most supported, is Ubuntu. There is also Mint, SuSe, Debian to name but a few.

Invest some time researching them and either run as a "Live CD", a bit slow, or install VirtualBox, free, and install to a virtual pc to try.

  cheesewheelcraftsman 09:14 15 May 2017

Okay then!!!! Living as a human being involves a great deal of struggle and compromise I guess lol, but hopefully I'll eventually find something that works for me in a reasonable way

Thanks everyone for your help!! Hope you're all having a great day!

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