Advice about Microsoft Word 2002

  concretepigsy 10:24 27 Apr 2005

I need to make words in word, alternatively in bold and italic fonts. is there an easy way of doing this with keystrokes. Thanks in advance


  pj123 10:32 27 Apr 2005

Ctrl + b = bold, + i = italics + u = underline.

You need to highlight the word/s first though.

You can use the mouse or use Shift and the arrow keys to highlight. Double click a word to highlight or treble click to highlight a complete line.

  scotty 10:32 27 Apr 2005

Cntr B and Cntr I toggle the Bold and Italics on and off.

  concretepigsy 10:35 27 Apr 2005

thanks guys

  Brian-336451 10:45 27 Apr 2005

Just type out the text normally.

Then apply the bold and the italic to the first two 'qualifying' words.

Highlight whichever one comes first then double click the Format Painter (little brush).

You then highlight (using the format painter) each word you wish to change, then de-select the format painter, highlight the next word, double click the Format Painter etc etc.

This only makes sense if you've a lot to do. The keystrokes make more sense for just a few words, but the Format Painter is quite useful.

nb if you only click the FP once, it'll only work once - double clicking gives it the focus for more than one application, ie until it's de-selected.

Hope that helps

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