Advice about backing up PC

  Trikie 11:48 25 Apr 2016

Reading about scams that freeze PCs and demand a ransom for release and also knowing that hard disk failure is inevitable at some future time I want to back up everything.

Having bought a 2TB portable hard drive I've realised that I don't know exactly what can be backed up. Is it just the files and folders or can it also be the actual programmes? Can I back up the entire C drive or do I need to do it in sections?

  Pine Man 11:55 25 Apr 2016

Simple way is to back up the entire C drive using something like Acronis True Image. If you then have a problem it can be restored in about 20 minutes to exactly the same state it was when you made the back up.

  wee eddie 12:16 25 Apr 2016

Most portable hard drives come with a very basic Back-up package. I'm told that WD's have a cut down version of Acronis

  compumac 13:31 25 Apr 2016

Go for Acronis to back up complete system. You can also use in addition something like Allway Sync to back up your personal data as a separated entity.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:57 25 Apr 2016

free imaging software Macrium Reflect

I have images of my onboard drives backed up to external drives and a bootable media (CD or USb ) created so I can either restore to the same or new drives if the PC won't boot.

Free filesync you can backup folders to other drives manually or using the realtime sync they will backup if you make any changes to the designated folders.

I have my films and music plus all my work folders synced to external drive folders.

Therefore I have two copies of everything important as well as what is stored in the images.

have a read of this thread aswell click here

  Trikie 16:54 25 Apr 2016

Thanks everyone. As a very basic computer user I'm not sure that I fully understand what's involved. I presume that the references to synchronisation are for linking 2 computers, something that I don't need.

My 2TB portable HD is a WD My Passport Ultra - will the cut down version of Acronis be enough?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 25 Apr 2016


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