advice on 5.1 speakers?

  zincy 02:35 07 May 2004

hey guys

was wondering if you guys got any recommendation on 5.1 speakers? My budget is around £40 and would mainly use them for gaming and listening to music.

i came across these ones: click here
and this:
click here
or any bodyelse have any good 5.1 speakers they would recommend?


  georgemac 06:38 07 May 2004

be aware that you need 3 adaptors from rca to 3.5 mm jacks to make these work - I know from experience click here but they sound OK

Personally I would go for the creative from ebuyer - they have great reviews, but so too do the logitech, both would be superior to the UMAX speakers

click here crative specs, should connect directly to your soundcard - what type of souncard do you have - does it support surround sound?

  byfordr 09:08 07 May 2004

I would say save up for a little bit, an extra £10 goes a long way! Altec 251 6pc 5.1 45WRMS Speaker set £56 click here

For £40 click here

Various price 5.1 (including some under £40) click here


  zincy 14:19 07 May 2004

i think my sound card is onbaord with my motherboard. But it does suuport 5.1

the sound card is CMI audio Xear 3D

and many thanx for those advice!

  byfordr 14:39 07 May 2004

click here Nice sound card for £15...

  Stuartli 14:51 07 May 2004

The C-Media onboard and PCI sound chipsets are quite remarkable products for their price.

I used a C-Media 8738 onboard soundchip for four years with my IBM 2.1 system until I was given a Creative SoundBlaster Live!

The 8738 has 3D surround sound and supports up to six channels and is bettered only by the 9738 and Xear 3D versions.

It delivered clean, very transparent sound through the IBMs and the only difference from the Creative is that the latter delivers a slightly more solid sound stage.

But I would happily go back to the Creative if necessary for any reason and that's something of a surprise to me as someone whose been a hi-fi enthusiast since the 1970s.

  Stuartli 14:54 07 May 2004

In the end, no matter how good your soundcard or chipset, it's the quality of the speakers themselves that decide the end result, providing you feed them with a first class signal input.

  zincy 00:50 08 May 2004

thanks guys for the help

just one more thing what does OEM mean?
why are they cheaper? any disdavanatges of buying an OEM product?

  georgemac 07:21 08 May 2004

original equipment manufacurer - supplied to oem's in bulk, non retail packages, so plain box and no manuals usually. I buy oem stuff all the time, never had any problems.

  Stuartli 09:13 08 May 2004

OEM equipment was originally intended for supply to system builders but gradually also became available to the general public.

It's a great way to buy hardware, components etc as the prices are substantially lower than the retail equivalent.

Interestingly enough Western Digital, which supplies its hard drives in both retail and OEM form, now provides a three year warranty with most of its OEM models, but only one year with retail kits.

Entering OEM in the Search field will reveal many threads on the subject.

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