moorie 21:06 28 May 2006

hi im buying 2 laptops for my daughters,i have cable broadband but wish for them to access the same internet connection and share information between them?what do i need to buy

  ade.h 21:11 28 May 2006

A cable/DSL router. click here

  skidzy 21:27 28 May 2006

If you follow ade's advice you wont go far wrong,he has helped me this weekend set my system up and his advice has been very helpful click here
And believe me,i wish i had took some of his earlier advice in my thread instaed of trying to work around things....he certainly knows what he is talking about.

Good luck

  ade.h 21:35 28 May 2006

click here The model at the top of this page - 3Com 3CRWE554G72T - is very good value and from a very good brand. There are also some good options from Linksys and Belkin, but whatever you do, stick with one of the biggest specialist brands. You'll get better support and a bigger userbase to call on.

  moorie 21:57 28 May 2006

thanks ade,am i correct in thinking that the router plugs into the set top box and the usb adaptor into the laptop and that is all i need?or do i need to connect my desktop?

  ade.h 22:05 28 May 2006

With most routers, Voyagers excepted, you must perform the initial configuration over Ethernet and any subsequent adjustment of wireless settings, security or connection settings.
The type of settings that can safely be altered over a wireless link without seriously crashing the router are fairly restricted.

  ade.h 22:07 28 May 2006

Which is done with any Ethernet-equipped client. Your desktop will need some form of connection (Ethernet is obviously best if the router will be nearby).

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