Advice for 1st set-up of wireless&broadban network

  [DELETED] 08:27 30 Aug 2003

At long last my local exchange has been upgraded to provide adsl broadband, so I'm about to sign up for installation. As there are 4 computers in the house (2 desktops and 2 notebooks), I wish to take the opportunity to install a wireless network at the same time. This is primarily so that all users can share the broadband link but additionally the 1 x scanner and 3 x printers (2 x inkjets and 1x colour laser).

Despite much reading on the subject I'm now confused. Can any readers experienced in this technology clarify what hardware I'll need to achieve this setup together with recommendations of manufactures? I've been looking at Netgear, Linksys and Belkin. Specific queries are; recommendations/comments on the merits or otherwise of single unit adsl modem/routers, wireless access points and wireless adapters. It was my intention to go for an 802.11g system now that the standard has been ratified.

Final question is one of location. My main BT socket comes into a room 15m from the study in which the main desktop and peripherals are located. At the moment the dial-up modem is plugged into a hardwired extension to this room. Some of my reading suggests that the adsl modem has to be located at the main BT socket, if this is so I assume that my router/modem and wireless access point will also have to be in this location, which could be a problem?

Answers to the above queries and additional suggestions/information that readers think I need would be gratfully received.

  [DELETED] 09:01 30 Aug 2003

The makes your looking are great I use Belkin but there all as good as each other.

For a wireless Network 15m is ok so long as there aren't to many obstructions in the way.

What you need: 4 time wireless cards for the computers and one Gateway Access point. There very simple to set up just make sure that you set each PC/Laptop with the IP Address for PC 1 then PC 2 then PC 3 and 4 increasing by one digit. Connect the ADSL/Broadband cable direct to the router switch on and enjoy.

On the Belkin 54g router which is 802.11g it is also backward compatible with 802,11b.

  [DELETED] 09:10 30 Aug 2003

My personal choice would be a Netgear wireless ADSL router.

Unless you buy a dedicated print server, you will not have access to your printers and scanners unless the PC that they are each connected to is switched on (unless they are all networked devices, i.e. they all have an Ethernet port).

ADSL will work just fine from an extension, but you must connect a microfilter to the phone socket (and to every other socket that will have a phone connected to it).

The Netgear DG824m is a good combined ADSL / wireless router, but it is only 802.11b. If you really want 802.11g, then you might be better buying a standalone ADSL modem with Ethernet connection (not USB), and connecting that to the Netgear FWAG114.

See for further info.

  [DELETED] 15:18 05 Sep 2003

Thanks for the advice. I'll be back in the UK shortly and intend to start on the connection project. I'll keep you posted on the outcome as it may help others.

  [DELETED] 15:24 05 Sep 2003

take a look at this Linksys router... cant fault it or linksys click here

  [DELETED] 15:35 05 Sep 2003

Hi sdf I can't follow the link it only gives me the dabs banner. Which linksys model are you recommending?

  [DELETED] 19:22 05 Sep 2003

sorry about that - I swear when I made that link the other day it worked! doh! anyway... check it out quicklinx code 2965WS on Dabs. Seems to do everything at an excellent price - and dabs seem to do this exact model up to £30 cheaper then other online retailers I found it at!

  [DELETED] 16:19 29 Sep 2003

For anybody interested or seting up anything similar. My ADSL connection went live today. I set up a 802.11g wireless network via Netgear; DM602 modem/router, FS105 Switcher/Hub, WG602 wireless access point & WG511 pcmcia wireless card. All have intigrated perfectly and I can recomend the devices and the Netgear support line.

Thanks to those who sent me info prior to set up.

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