Advice on £150-200 Gcards

  HippyTechy 14:38 12 Jul 2005

Im looking for a good gaming graphics card for £150-200, maybe a little more but something thats good value, a good card for that sort of price, my Radeon 9000 Pro wont run San Andreas (sorry to be captain Obvious there, and im looking for something to tie me over for about a year, maybe till next christmas.

has to be AGP. no preferances on ATI or Nvidia, but i would like to know which one is generally better as iv been out of the market for a while and have lost track.


  andrew-196854 14:48 12 Jul 2005

you could take a look a this the 6600 gets good reviews click here but also bare in mind that some high end graphic cards need a power supply of there own so make sure you have a spare one also make a note of what power supply you have in your system hope this helps

  HippyTechy 15:32 12 Jul 2005

ok cool. my PSU is 500W dual fan, it'll cope with most things.

ill have a looksee, looks like an interesting card. thanks for that. im lookin to buy in early august (next paycheck) so any info would be useful, as i say im a gamer who doesnt play games on anything less than near to best settings. this looks like it could handle me for now! lol. more opinions would be appreciated, this is a good start.

  jesta 15:40 12 Jul 2005

the radeon x800xl,its £195 at ebuyer. those are really good cards,they are on par to 6800gt.

  HippyTechy 17:10 12 Jul 2005

interesting, looks promising. Since iv now got one card from each, who are the market leaders now, ATI or Nvidia? It was Nvidia, then they sucked and ATI dominated but now it is less clear.

  Totally-braindead 17:24 12 Jul 2005

I would recommend the same as the others depending on your budget. A 6600 or a 6800 GT if you can afford it. Since you mention something to tie you over till Xmas when I presume you will consider a new PC or a new motherboard with PCI Express anyway why not save some money and consider a 9800 Pro. They are less than £100 now as they are "last generation" but don't let that put you off as it'll still play all the latest games. Personally I've got a GeForce 5900 as my motherboard doesn't appear to like ATI cards but it plays everything I've got so far including a lot of new games and the 9800 is better than what I have. By the way I've had a lot of trouble with cheap non branded graphics cards which is why whatever you buy I'd recommend buying a brand make graphics card.

  dagwoood 18:17 12 Jul 2005

HippyTechy, have a look at this article which compares the current AGP cards, paying special attention to the benchmark scores click here .

If you go for a card in the 200 quid bracket, then a 6800GT(click here ) or a X800XL(as per jesta's post click here ) are the cards to consider.

As to which one, as bore out by the benchmark results, there's not much in it. One card will do better in a certain game than the other card, but the opposite's true when you play a different game(this is due to games being optimized for a either Nvidia or ATI cards).

Something for you to consider is that if you go for an Nvidia card, it may mean you have to reinstall you operating system. Even though you remove the ATI drivers via Add/Remove, sometimes there are bits left over and it can create problems when changing from one GPU vendor to another(You can try Driver Cleaner Pro to combat this click here ).

HTH, dagwoood.

  HippyTechy 08:41 13 Jul 2005

Thanks people, much appreciated. only just over 2 weeks till payday now!!! lol *sigh*

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