Adverts on Websites & Setting up Website Co.

  gplatt2000 13:04 29 Jul 2003

Hi there, I have a couple of quick questions. Sorry if they are in the wrong section, I wasnt sure where to out them. Firt question is, does anyone KNOW roughly how much big companys pay to advertise on a big, popular website per month? And also, one of my friends is toying with the idea of staring a SMALL web design company - to do this do oyou need any special liscences like you would to start up a shop? Thanks a lot in advance, Gavin

  DieSse 15:12 29 Jul 2003

You need no special licenses to start a web design company.

To find advertising rates, simply go to a few popular sites, and email their advertising manager - you'll probably get a fast reply if they're any good.

Or simply look at the web site - for instance the Daily telegraph has this page click here;$sessionid$EPP3OP0DP3URXQFIQMFCFGGAVCBQYIV0?menuId=2317&menuItemId=-1&view=DISPLAYCONTENT&grid=P8

  DieSse 15:14 29 Jul 2003

Sorry about the mess of a link - just go there anyway, and click on Commercial Information at the bottom of the page.

  gplatt2000 16:58 29 Jul 2003

Hi, thanksa lot for yuor help. So if my friend decided to start a web design company he could just start straight away without any hassle? I have sent an email to some companys regarding advertising, but Im not sre if they will take me seriously! Thanks a lot, Gavin

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:59 29 Jul 2003

Advertising rates are at an all time low for websites. There are too many sites and not enough advertisers. The general economy is somewaht shot at with a lot of fiscal uncertainty. If he wants to make money in this way he will not succeed.


  DieSse 18:00 29 Jul 2003

"he could just start straight away without any hassle"

Basically yes - don't forget the VAT, Tax and National Insurance implications though - any formal work for companies, may need proper VAT receipts - even if you're exempt up to a certain amount of turnover.

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