advertising bug invaded pc (help)

  johnnyrocker 18:02 10 Dec 2013

xp sp3 usual antimalware etc IE m bam, scanning does not help although m bam found two trojans which clearing did not resolve. how this happens is the screen will go white taking out address bar etc while typing this it has happened twice and i wonder if any help available please

thank you johnny

  johnnyrocker 18:47 10 Dec 2013

nice tip i have it running now, will advise


  johnnyrocker 23:50 10 Dec 2013

well hit man pro discovered many problems but could not fix as licence had expired but am now running a microsoft tool which has been running for nearly 3 hrs and found 10 files infected which i am hopeful it will clear at the end

regards and thanks johnny

  johnnyrocker 13:28 11 Dec 2013

i ended up getting some help via microsoft involving a four hour scan which found and removed quit a few but today the problem is still there any ideas of a good cleaner? pref free lol

many thanks johnny

  Zak 14:00 11 Dec 2013

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Download the free version and run it, make sure that after installing you update the database.

  onthelimit1 14:20 11 Dec 2013

Zak - he's already tried that!

  Zak 14:43 11 Dec 2013


Well spotted, I was having my senior moment.

  Jollyjohn 14:46 11 Dec 2013

uninstall IE - listed under Windows updates - this will roll back to IE8 and remove nasties. Have done this several times for people.

  johnnyrocker 18:25 11 Dec 2013

i tried that will advise.


  johnnyrocker 14:29 12 Dec 2013

hello again i tried all the suggestions none of which helped me b my thanks for trying have now downloaded AVG free trial and running a scan now

many thanks johnny

  johnnyrocker 21:41 12 Dec 2013

it got rid of two trojans but i still have a problem in that this advertising still pops up from time to time, also pc a lot slower now and i get a lot of messages saying a script is busy and it freezes etc etc these are a lot more frequent than before, even stops bbc i player which i take to be a flash issue possibly? any further ideas appreciated.


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